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Silicon Sensing: Finding the Perfect Gyroscope

Silicon Sensing has unveiled its guide to choosing the right gyroscope, covering key product parameters and outlining the benefits of its PinPoint®, CRH03 and CRS39A gyroscopes Feature Article by Silicon Sensing
Silicon Sensing: Finding the Perfect Gyroscope
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Choosing the right gyroscope is an important decision that can significantly impact the performance and reliability of applications. Read more >>

PinPoint Gyroscope

To assist users in finding the right gyroscope, Silicon Sensing has released “Inertial Sensing: A Guide To Selecting The Right Gyroscope.”

Silicon Sensing’s gyroscopes, such as the PinPoint®, the CRH03 and the CRS39A, precisely measure rate of turn (°/s) without a fixed reference point. This sets them apart from traditional rotation measurement tools like tachometers or potentiometers. Uniquely, all of the company’s gyros use a patented VSG resonating ring technology to detect rotation rate through the Coriolis phenomenon.

The company unveil that the demand for ultra-precise and reliable navigation systems has grown, especially in autonomous, aerospace, and industrial applications.

There is also recognition that traditional inertial solutions alone are not sufficient for the challenges in far more diverse environments; space, subsea, urban canyons, underground and contested areas.

The full article explores the following key product parameters in selecting a gyroscope:

  • Precision and Accuracy
  • Environmental Factors
  • Size and Weight
  • Power Consumption
  • Integration and Compatibility

Read the full article, or find out more on Silicon Sensing’s website.

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