High-Performance MEMS Gyroscopes, Accelerometers & Inertial Systems for Marine & Maritime Applications
DMU11 Low-SWaP MEMS IMU for high-volume production

Low-SWaP MEMS IMU for high-volume production

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The DMU11 is a low-cost board-level IMU with a SWaP-optimized footprint, making it ideal for OEMs and systems integrators and an excellent choice for marine and maritime technologies with a high-volume production run. Combining MEMS inertial angular rate and linear acceleration sensors to provide a six degree-of-freedom solution and also outputting temperature data, it strikes an optimal balance between price and performance.

The sensor has been fully calibrated over the entire operational temperature range, and is highly suited to providing motion sensing and tracking in three dimensions for the smallest vessels and platforms operating in harsh and dynamic seaborne conditions. An evaluation kit for the DMU11 is available that enables easy viewing and logging of sensor output data for rapid testing and prototype development.

Dimensions 22 x 22 x 10.6 mm
Weight 4g
Rate Dynamic Range ±300 °/sec
Acceleration Dynamic Range ±10g
Rate Bias over Temperature ±0.25 °/sec
Acceleration Bias over Temperature ±10mg
Rate Scale Factor Error ±0.1%
Acceleration Scale Factor Error ±0.1%
Current Consumption 85 mA
Supply Voltage 5V
Data Rate 200 Hz