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High-Performance MEMS Gyroscopes, Accelerometers & Inertial Systems for Marine & Maritime Applications

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Silicon Sensing
High-Performance MEMS Gyroscopes, Accelerometers & Inertial Systems for Marine & Maritime Applications
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Silicon Sensing is a leading developer of high-performance MEMS silicon gyroscopes, accelerometers and inertial systems. Our next-generation, compact and lightweight products provide ultra-precise motion sensing capabilities for demanding marine and maritime applications, enabling enhanced guidance, stabilisation, navigation and control for both surface and sub-surface platforms.

All our products are ITAR-free, and offer FOG-like performance in a significantly reduced SWaP (size, weight and power) footprint.


High-performance MEMS IMU for marine applications

High-performance MEMS IMU for marine applicationsThe tactical-grade DMU41 IMU (inertial measurement unit) provides a cost-effective alternative to larger FOG-based systems, providing cutting-edge motion sensing capabilities in a package that is more than 40% more SWaP-efficient than its predecessor. The high-precision MEMS sensor incorporates three inductive and three piezoelectric resonating ring gyroscopes, six capacitive accelerometers and three magnetometers.

Delivering angular rate and linear acceleration data with exceptional ARW, bias and noise characteristics, it is ideal for a wide range of marine platforms including survey vessels, submersibles and AUVs/ROVs.

More information: DMU41 tactical-grade IMU


Low-SWaP MEMS IMU for high-volume production

DMU11 Low-Cost MEMS IMUThe DMU11 is a low-cost board-level IMU with a minimal physical footprint, making it ideal for OEMs and systems integrators. Combining MEMS inertial angular rate and linear acceleration sensors to provide a six degree-of-freedom solution, it strikes an optimal balance between price and performance.

The sensor has been fully calibrated over the entire operational temperature range, and is highly suited to providing motion sensing and tracking in three dimensions for the smallest vessels and platforms operating in harsh and dynamic ocean-going conditions.

More information: DMU11 low-cost board-level IMU


Single-axis analog gyro with low noise

single axis MEMS gyroscopeThe CRH03 is a single-axis MEMS gyroscope that outputs high-accuracy angular velocity data with comparable bias characteristics to bulkier and more expensive FOG- and DTG-based sensors. Based on our state-of-the-art resonating ring gyroscope technology, the gyro features low noise and incorporates a built-in temperature sensor that allows the unit to be precisely configured according to changes in environmental conditions.

The CRH03 is available in five dynamic ranges, and can be provided as an OEM board or in a robust enclosure.

More information: CRH03 single-axis MEMS gyroscope


Single-axis MEMS gyro for stabilization, guidance and control

Ultra-high-stability MEMS GyroThe CRS39A is a single-axis MEMS gyroscope in a compact and lightweight board-level form factor, featuring excellent performance in bias instability, angle random walk and noise as well as enhanced vibration tolerance. It includes two onboard temperature sensors that allow the unit to be fine-tuned according to environmental conditions, improving performance even further.

The miniature MEMS gyro sensor is designed to be mounted within a 25mm inside diameter cylinder, and is ideal for stabilization of marine vessels and offshore platforms, as well as for guidance and control of undersea vehicles.

More information: CRS39A single-axis MEMS gyroscope


Ultra-miniature MEMS gyros for navigation and pointing

PinPoint ultra-miniature MEMS GyroscopesThe PinPoint series features the smallest MEMS gyroscopes in the Silicon Sensing product portfolio, delivering excellent bias performance and noise over temperature characteristics in an ultra-miniature hermetically-sealed ceramic LCC surface mount package.

The sensors provide both analog and digital outputs, and offer user-selectable dynamic ranges and bandwidth options. The PinPoint gyro is available in two versions, measuring angular velocity about an axis either perpendicular or parallel to the PCB.

More information: PinPoint ultra-miniature MEMS gyros

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