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Advanced Sonar Systems for Underwater Detection, Imaging & Navigation

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Wavefront Systems
Advanced Sonar Systems for Underwater Detection, Imaging & Navigation
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Wavefront is a leading developer of advanced sonar systems designed to solve the problems of underwater detection, imaging and navigation for commercial and government customers alike.

Our proven side-scan and forward-looking sonar solutions are used to deliver high-resolution imagery and illuminate underwater environments around the world, and our intruder detection sonar technology has been deployed for protection of a wide variety of critical infrastructure and assets, including civilian and military ports and harbours, private and commercial yachts and vessels, and waterside installations and buildings.

Sentinel IDS

Intruder detection sonar with advanced detection, tracking and classification capabilities

underwater threat detection

Sentinel IDS provides automatic detection, tracking and classification of a wide range of underwater threats, including divers, swimmer delivery vehicles, and unmanned drones. Utilizing our cutting-edge Simultaneous In-band Active and Passive Sonar (SInAPS) technology, it provides robust protection capabilities at ranges of up to 1500 metres.
Sentinel IDS Intruder detection sonar
The highly scalable system allows multiple sonar heads to be networked together to provide wide-area protection, maintaining a single track for a common operating picture. Sentinel IDS can be provided in a wide range of mobile or fixed form factors, including cable deployments, fixed brackets, and seabed frames and stands.

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Vigilant FLS

Foward-looking sonar for crewed and uncrewed vessels

Vigilant FLS Foward looking sonar

Our Vigilant family of forward-looking sonars provides critical underwater situational awareness for uncrewed and crewed surface vessels and underwater vehicles. Providing real-time 3D imagery of the seabed and water column at ranges of up to 1500 metres, the advanced sonars automatically alert operators or automated systems to collision hazards and grounding obstructions, ensuring safe voyage even in uncharted or highly dynamic environments.

Vigilant 1500 FLS

Vigilant 1500 FLS
1500 metre range

Vigilant 1000 FLS

Vigilant 1000 FLS
1000 metre range

Vigilant 600 FLS

Vigilant 600 FLS
600 metre range

Vigilant sonars are ideal for new-build vessels as well as retrofitting, and our expert engineers can provide onsite installation and commissioning support for your specific applications.

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Solstice MAS

Multi-aperture & side-scan sonar for ultra-high resolution imaging

Solstice MAS Multi-Aperture & Side-Scan SonarThe Solstice MAS family of underwater imaging solutions blends the high performance of synthetic aperture sonar (SAS) with the reliability of conventional side-scan sonar (SSS), providing ultra-high resolution and wide swath coverage with low power consumption.

Featuring our proprietary Multi-Ping Multi-Look (MPML) processing technology for enhanced signal-to-noise ratio, Solstice delivers undistorted imagery co-located with 3D bathymetric data

Designed for either AUV or towfish platforms, Solstice sonar imaging systems are ideal for hydrography and environmental research, archaeology, search and salvage, mine countermeasures and more.

Multi Aperture & Side Scan Sonar

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Sentry IMS

Integrity monitoring sonar for critical underwater assets

Sentry IMS is designed to provide fast automated warning of containment issues connected to subsea oil and gas installations and equipment, and is able to monitor over a billion cubic feet of seawater in a 360° envelope around a single sensor. The active sonar system can detect the smallest of leaks at ranges exceeding 500 meters, and delivers position data to remote monitoring stations.Sentry IMS Integrity Monitoring SonarSentry is available in two configurations – a lander-mounted version that connects to existing seafloor communications infrastructure and power supply, and a standalone battery-operated system that transmits data via an acoustic modem.

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