3D Forward Looking Sonars (FLS) for Critical Vessel Navigation & Situational Awareness

FarSounder: Vessel Operations, Sonar, and Whale Safety

FarSounder has released an article outlining the potential dangers of marine technologies for the surrounding environment, as well as diving into the current and future protections in place Feature Article by FarSounder
FarSounder: Vessel Operations, Sonar, and Whale Safety
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FarSounder understands that marine life is not only captivating, making it key for tourism and economies as a result, but also important for the underlying ecosystems and environment. However, many marine mammal populations hold a delicate, and easily disreputable, balance. Read more >>

Whales in particular are hit hard by the increase in maritime tourism and travel, with shipstrike being one of the leading causes of death for species of great whale. Emerging technologies are likely the answer to this predicament, but its is crucial to ensure that the solution is not also negatively impacting the environment.

Strict legislation and restrictions are at work in many areas of the world, and while these are robust, particularly in the United States, they can help more when combined with obstacle detection technology.

FarSounder’s early motivation for developing 3D forward looking sonar technology came directly from an environmental point of view, with the company looking to detect whales and avoid vessel strikes, as well as avoiding rocks to prevent oil spills.

FarSounder: Vessel Operations, Sonar, and Whale Safety

In the full article, FarSounder expands on how it developed this technology without creating new problems for the marine environment. The company goes on to discuss the basics of marine mammal acoustics, and explain how it ensures that the FarSounder Argos Navigation Sonars are benign to marine mammals.

The company also wants its products to be useful tools in helping all sorts of vessels, from USVs to cruise ships, avoid whale shipstrike, as well as avoiding other types of collision, like corals, icebergs, and lost shipping containers.

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