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Robosys and Landau Marine Establish Partnership at DSEI

The collaboration enables the integration of Robosys’ Voyager AI, allowing customers to swiftly convert their vessels to fully autonomous and/or lean-crewed operations By Abi Wylie / 14 Sep 2023
Robosys and Landau Marine Establish Partnership at DSEI
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At DSEI London, Robosys Automation and Landau Marine have announced a collaboration that enables full stack maritime autonomy for both new-build and retrofit vessels and naval craft.

The new collaboration between Landau and Robosys brings together a leading UK integrator-installer-service provider with a proven AI maritime autonomy software developer. It will enable customers to swiftly convert their vessels to fully autonomous and/or lean-crewed operations.

Integration of Robosys Automation’s Voyager AI Vessel is a full stack autonomy solution that is complemented by artificial intelligence combined with decision-aids, enabling fully autonomous unmanned surface vessels (USVs). 

Suited for surveillance, surveying, warfare, and patrolling duties, Voyager AI is vessel, propulsion, and sensor systems agnostic.

The Voyager AI Vessel solution offers IMO Degree 4 autonomy, which is ideal for the defence sector as it can be retrofitted to almost any vessel or workboat. 

Robosys Automation’s systems offer remote control as well as advanced and intelligent autonomous navigation, with platform and payload control which can be integrated to most vessel systems, together with collision avoidance, and systems monitoring options, delivering a proven and trusted full-stack maritime AI autonomy solution.

Robosys’ Voyager AI software enables crewed, lean crewed, optionally unmanned, and fully unmanned vessel operations at the switch of a button. It delivers efficient Remote Control and reasoned Autonomous operations from a remote operations center (ROC) or ground control station (GCS), either ashore or afloat from a mothership.

UK headquartered Landau Marine supplies installation, integration, and maintenance services for numerous defence clients; including NavyX, the Royal Navy’s Autonomy & Lethality Accelerator. Landau capabilities encompass all aspects of technology integration linked to vessel design and construction, with a particular focus on zero emission technology and decarbonisation initiatives.

Roger Cerrato, Sales Director at Landau commented at the DSEi launch event, said, “We are dedicated to supporting our commercial and defence customer base in their requirements for more innovative and effective solutions, such as retrofitting a crewed vessel to become an autonomous craft at speeds of up to 45 knots, delivering many benefits including helping to drive the net zero agenda.”

Nigel Lee, CSO of Robosys Automation, comments, “Robosys’ Voyager AI suite of integrations include proven full autonomous capabilities, combined with collision avoidance, anti-grounding, and smart object avoidance, and loss of communications features, amongst others. Voyager AI will operate with a broad array of naval craft, barges, pilot boats, and workboats, and is particularly effective in those 3 to 24 meters in length. Voyager AI is in operation on board naval vessels, surveillance craft, survey vessels, and pilot boats, naval tugs, and workboats.

“The use of Voyager AI significantly extends a traditional vessel’s lifespan through straightforward and swift retrofitting. This enables increased cost-effective, safer, and environmentally focused outcomes for those who wish to continue using their existing craft, but now with the added benefits of crewed, lean-crewed, optionally uncrewed, and uncrewed options, dependent on the specific challenge.”

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