Optical Technologies in Anti-Piracy Efforts

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Knight Optical explores contemporary technological advancements and strategies implemented on ships to thwart piracy raids.

Numerous vulnerabilities and hazards exist when at sea. From being swept overboard and encountering severe storms to fires, restricted access to medical care, long hours and exhaustion, working at sea poses many risks and dangers that aren’t typically found in land-based jobs.

Furthermore, the presence of maritime criminal activities intensifies threats, often escalating into perilous encounters. In the full article, Knight Optical goes on to discuss:

  • The Current Seascape
  • How Does Tech Detect, Monitor, and Prevent Piracy?
  • Charting a Technological Course: The Future of Anti-Piracy Endeavours

Knight Optical believes that as we navigate our current troubled waters, optical tech will emerge as a pivotal force, illuminating the path towards a safer and more secure future at sea.

For more information or to read the full article, visit the Knight Optical website.

Posted by Abi Wylie Connect & Contact