Cutting-Edge Underwater Laser Scanners & Imaging Systems for Underwater Vehicles

Cutting-Edge Underwater Laser Scanners & Imaging Systems for Underwater Vehicles
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Voyis is a leading developer of cutting-edge laser scanners and imaging systems for underwater vehicles. Our advanced solutions allow customers to enhance their capabilities below the surface and significantly expand their knowledge and understanding of challenging and remote subsea and marine environments.

Designed to ensure the highest quality data collection for confident decision-making, our products are ideal for a wide variety of use cases including ocean science and environmental research, offshore asset inspection, underwater archaeology and more.

Underwater Laser Scanners

Voyis’ Insight underwater scanners are based on a form of LiDAR and capture high-resolution 3D data in real time, allowing you to instantly generate models with the utmost detail and without lengthy processing times. The Insight family offers solutions for both static and dynamic scanning and for virtually any underwater application. All scanners can be integrated into vehicles or operated as a standalone capability.

underwater laser scannerInsight Nano
Compact short- to medium-range underwater laser scanner

dynamic subsea scannerInsight Micro
Medium-to-long range dynamic subsea scanner

long range underwater laser scannerInsight Pro
Longest range dynamic laser scanner for depths of up to 6000m

Subsea Imaging Systems

Our Observer & Nova Pro underwater imaging systems combine actively cooled, high-sensitivity optical sensors with 600,000-lumen Nova LED panels to provide long-range imaging capabilities with extremely short exposure times. Machine-learning-based colour correction algorithms are applied to ensure consistent and highly detailed photos and seamless mosaics.

underwater imaging systemObserver & Nova Micro
Mid-range underwater imaging system with depth rating of 1000m

subsea imaging systemObserver & Nova Pro
Long-range subsea imaging system with depth rating of 4000m or 6000m

Imaging & Scanning Payloads for Underwater Vehicles

Our Recon payloads for small and medium AUVs allow you to easily integrate optical imaging and scanning capabilities into a wide range of platforms. The low-SWaP solutions are pre-configured into easily swappable and neutrally buoyant modules for specific AUVs, and the open architecture allows a variety of third-party sensors to be added.

Recon payloads have been proven on leading AUV platforms such as the REMUS 100/300/600 series and the L3Harris IVER 4.

camera payload for AUVsRecon
High-resolution camera payload for AUVs

Combined AUV imaging & laser scanning payloadRecon LS
Combined AUV imaging & laser scanning payload

ROV Skids with Integrated Imaging/Scanning

Our Perception skids equip inspection- and work-class ROVs with optical imaging and scanning capabilities in a compact and easily integrated solution that provides minimal impact on vehicle dynamics. The systems include a co-located inertial navigation system (INS) and Doppler velocity log (DVL) to ensure high-accuracy, high-resolution and fully geo-referenced data. Perception skids are designed for industry-leading ROV platforms and can also be adapted to a wide range of vehicles.

Inspection-class ROV skidPerception
Inspection-class ROV skid with options for both laser scanning and imaging sensors

XL Work-class ROV skidPerception XL
Work-class ROV skid with options for both laser scanning and imaging sensors

Smart ROV Cameras

Voyis Discovery Vision Systems deliver low-latency 4K video capabilities for enhanced ROV piloting and inspection, as well as high-resolution still image capture for 3D modelling. Featuring an ultra-wide 130°x130° field of view for complete situational awareness, they tightly integrate and synchronize our high-intensity Nova Mini Lights with advanced cameras to provide the sharpest and clearest possible underwater imaging with even illumination.

300 metre underwater video cameraDiscovery
300 metre-rated video camera with two Nova Mini Lights

4000 metre underwater stereo cameraDiscovery Stereo
4000 metre-rated stereo camera with four Nova Mini Lights


Marine Archaeology
Our imaging and scanning products enable historical sites, underwater remains and shipwrecks to be fully captured and recreated in 3D, allowing new insights to be revealed and for interested parties to experience them virtually.

Environmental Monitoring
Voyis’ underwater solutions provide high-accuracy measurement of a variety of habitats and locations over time, allowing scientists and conservationists to understand how physical and biological processes such as sediment and erosion affect these environments and to create improved plans for management and sustainable development.

Underwater Survey & Inspection
High-accuracy scanning and imaging of critical underwater assets such as pipelines, cables and port and harbour infrastructure allows faults and deterioration to be detected in a timely manner, allowing you to avoid costly replacement or reconstruction.

Oil & Gas and Offshore Energy
Our marine imaging and scanning solutions are ideal for monitoring and inspecting offshore energy assets and infrastructure. The creation of highly detailed digital twins allows changes to be tracked over time for more effective predictive maintenance, and provides much more accurate information than traditional survey methods.

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