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Recon LS Combined AUV imaging & laser scanning payload
Recon LS

Combined AUV imaging & laser scanning payload

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Recon LS

The Recon LS is an all-in-one AUV payload that combines optical imaging capabilities with a stills camera and an underwater laser scanner, using the existing navigational data to deliver accurate geo-referencing. Featuring a modular design that houses all electronics and interfaces directly with the target AUV, the system utilizes an open architecture that allows a variety of third-party sensors to be added.

All imaging and scanner data is processed in real time inside the module, providing faster results and enabling onboard automation. The Recon LS can be provided in a single module, or with the laser and LED strobe in a hydrodynamic external module for more versatile integration.


  Small AUVs Medium AUVs Large AUVs
Scan Range: 1.2 - 7m 1.2 - 7m 1.5 - 15m
Points per Line: 2464 2464 2048
Angle of View: 50o 50o 50o
Profile Rate: 58Hz laser + 2Hz stills 58Hz laser + 2Hz stills 50Hz laser + 3Hz stills
X-Resolution: (across-track) 1.1mm @ 3m
1.9mm @ 5m
2.6mm @ 7m
1.1mm @ 3m
1.9mm @ 5m
2.6mm @ 7m
1.3mm @ 3m
2.3mm @ 5m
4.5mm @ 10m
Y-Resolution: (along-track) 25mm @ 3 Knot 25mm @ 3 Knot 30mm @ 3 Knot