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Stereo Cameras: Improving Dam Safety

Voyis outlines the importance of dam inspections for protecting communities and infrastructure, and expands on the advantages associated with applying underwater optical sensors to the task Feature Article by Voyis
Stereo Cameras: Improving Dam Safety
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Voyis is offering a game-changing solution for dam inspections with the Discovery Stereo Camera 300m Rated, pairing impressive performance with highly advanced technology. Read more >>

It is absolutely crucial to conduct dam inspections in order to collect data on the safety and structural integrity of dams, making sure they can withstand environmental factors and the pressures of water containment.

These assessments involve effective and detailed examinations of a wide range of dam components to identify any signs of potential failure, like deterioration or damage. Considering the catastrophic nature of potential dam failures, reliable and accurate assessments are key to safeguarding infrastructure and communities. For instance, the use of a stereo camera to ensure consistent and true data.

Stereo Cameras: Improving Dam SafetyIn the full article, Voyis goes on to outline:

  • Why Dam Inspections Matter
  • The Role of Underwater Optical Sensors
  • Key Advantages for Dam Inspections

The company also dives into the details and benefits of it’s Discovery Stereo Camera 300m Rated. With its high-accuracy imaging capabilities and neutrally buoyant design, the innovative camera system is well suited to navigation in intricate structures and depths, often encountered in dam environments. 

Read the full article, or visit the Voyis website to learn more.

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