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Recon High-resolution camera payload for AUVs

High-resolution camera payload for AUVs

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The Recon is a high-resolution payload designed to provide simplified integration of optical imaging capabilities into high-speed AUVs. Featuring a modular design that houses all electronics and interfaces directly with the target AUV, the system utilizes an open architecture that allows a variety of third-party sensors to be added.

The integrated hydrodynamic lightbar evenly projects light across the camera’s field of view, significantly enhancing imaging capabilities. The system includes built-in light levelling and colour correction for accurate true-colour imagery.


  Small AUVs Medium AUVs Large AUVs
Power Consumption: 35W max Camera 35W
LEDs 5 - 60W
Camera 35W
LEDs 5 - 60W
Resolution: 4112 x 3008 - 12MP 2464 x 2056 - 5MP
4112 x 3008 - 12MP
2560 x 2160 – 5.5MP
4112 x 3008 - 12MP
Lens: 8.5mm, F2.8
12mm, F2.0
6mm, F2.1 - 5MP
12mm, F2.0 - 12MP
12mm, F2.0
Max Range: 5m 7m >10m
Field of View: H: 79°, V:62°
H: 60°, V:46°
H:50°, V:43° - 5MP
H: 60°, V:46° - 12MP
H: 50°, V:44° - Mono
H: 68°, V:59° - Colour
H: 60°, V:46°
Light Output: 250k lumens 500k lumens 500k lumens
Depth Rating: 100m or 300m 1000m 4000m or 6000m