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New All-Terrain AUV for Traversing Subsea Environments

The Eelume-S from Eelume supports 4K image acquisition, autonomous operation, 3D photogrammetry and leading bathymetric mapping, whilst being designed for user-friendliness and portability By William Mackenzie / 24 Apr 2024
Eelume Unveils All-Terrain AUVs: The Next Frontier in Underwater Exploration
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Underwater technology developer Eelume has launched the Eelume-S, an innovative All-Terrain Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (All-Terrain AUV) set to revolutionize underwater exploration.  

Unlike conventional AUVs, the Eelume-S All-Terrain AUVs have 360 degrees of agile maneuverability in roll and pitch, which hugely expands the operational envelope of utilizing AUVs for exploration, inspection and monitoring of critical and complex under­water environments. 

Key Features of Eelume-S:  

Ultra-High-Quality Visual Mapping

  • Eelume-S contains the Voyis Observer Micro Imaging System, a 4K still image acquisition system with LED panels providing up to 480.000 lumens of light. 
  • This results in crystal-clear optical imagery, with onboard image light leveling and color correction, bringing autonomous ocean exploration to new heights.  

Ultra-High-Quality Bathymetric Mapping

  • The Wavefront Solstice Multi-Aperture Sonar enables Eelume-S to carry out leading bathymetric mapping, with 200m swath and resolution down to 3cm. 

Easy Operation

  • Designed for user-friendliness, Eelume-S simplifies mission planning and execution, allowing users to focus on discoveries.  


  • With sizes ranging from 45 to 75 kg, Eelume-S units are easily deployable, even from small vessels or directly from shore.  

Close Proximity Imaging

  • By leveraging the Voyis Observer Micro, the Eelume-S offers unparalleled capabilities in capturing 3D photogrammetry and photomosaic of underwater environments and structures through its ability to track along hilly and inclined seabed with fixed altitude down to 1m.  

All-Terrain Mapping

  • With 360 degrees of freedom in roll and pitch, Eelume-S enables safe and sustainable exploration even in challenging underwater terrains. 

Autonomous Operation

  • Whether fully or semi-autonomous, Eelume-S facilitates goal-based mission planning and in-mission data processing. 

Traditionally, AUVs have been limited in their accessibility to underwater environments. Eelume-S overcomes these barriers, offering versatility and sustainability in exploring previously inaccessible environments.

Eelume state that the Eelume-S is poised to transform the landscape of underwater exploration, offering a cost-effective solution that enhances understanding of oceanic spaces while mitigating risks and reducing carbon emissions associated with data collection endeavors. 

Thomas Nygaard, CEO of Eelume, commented; “Our commitment to advancing oceanic exploration while minimizing environmental impact has led us to develop the Eelume-S series. With its ultra-high-quality data capture, superior maneuverability and easy operation, Eelume-S empowers researchers, scientists, and marine enthusiasts to delve deeper into the mysteries of the ocean.” 

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