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Underwater Photogrammetry: Potential for Aquaculture

Voyis has released a blog post outlining the need for innovative technologies to optimize operations and ensure sustainability in aquaculture as the industry continues to expand rapidly Feature Article by Voyis
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Underwater Photogrammetry: Potential for Aquaculture

Voyis understands that aquaculture, the farming of aquatic organisms, plays a crucial role in meeting the growing demand for seafood worldwide. Read more >>

As the fish-farming industry expands at pace, more innovative technologies are required to optimize operations and ensure sustainability becomes increasingly apparent. In this blog, Voyis explores how underwater photogrammetry is revolutionizing aquaculture, unlocking new possibilities for stock monitoring, site planning, environmental assessment, and much more. 

In the full article, Voyis goes on to outline:

  • Site Selection and Planning with Photogrammetry
  • Assessing Environmental Impact and Sustainability 
  • Improving Feed Management and Efficiency 
  • Enhancing Biosecurity and Disease Management 

With Voyis’ advanced photogrammetric technologies like the Discovery Vision System, aquaculturists can unlock the full potential of their operations, harnessing precise data and actionable insights to drive innovation and achieve success in a rapidly changing world.

The future of aquaculture looks brighter than ever, with potential for sustainable growth, healthy ecosystems, and abundant harvests for generations to come by embracing underwater photogrammetry.

Read the full blog, or find out more on the Voyis website. 

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