AI-Powered Wide-Area Imaging Systems for Maritime Search & Surveillance
PT-8 Smart Sensor Automated Wide-area Maritime Search
PT-8 Smart Sensor

Automated Wide-area Maritime Search

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PT-8 Smart Sensor

The PT-8DN SMART SENSOR payload is a versatile day-night payload optimized for automated, wide-area search, ISR, and sensor-to-sensor collaboration. Dual RGB sensors of different focal lengths provide “Interrogate Mode detection and verification capabilities and are supported by the highest resolution LWIR camera on the market (1920 x 1200). Forward-looking RGB and LWIR video cameras provide additional situational awareness for operators and uncrewed systems.

  • SWaP optimized for UAS and multi-sensor integration
  • 360° pitch and yaw control provide versatile search capabilities
  • Automated Interrogate Mode
  • Powerful onboard processing and automation software