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AI-Powered Wide-Area Imaging Systems for Maritime Search & Surveillance

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Overwatch Imaging
AI-Powered Wide-Area Imaging Systems for Maritime Search & Surveillance
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Overwatch Imaging is a leading developer of revolutionary wide-area imaging systems for maritime search and surveillance. Our AI-powered solutions are designed to overcome the disadvantages of manual airborne search methods, enabling efficient and effective delivery of real-time actionable intelligence while easing operator burden.

Leveraging the latest in computer vision, GPU processing and sensor fusion technology, our solutions can be installed on a wide variety of manned and unmanned aircraft, and have been deployed around the world for a wide variety of marine and maritime applications, including spill response, search and rescue, border patrol, wildlife monitoring and more.

Automated Wide-Area Maritime Imaging Sensors

Advanced EO/IR payloads for unmatched situational awareness

Automated Wide-Area Maritime Imaging SensorsOverwatch airborne multispectral sensor payloads utilize advanced passive image-based optical radar technologies to provide unparalleled search and monitoring of wide-area maritime environments at any time of day or night. Sophisticated AI algorithms enable reliable detection of a wide variety of objects, including vessels of all sizes as well as marine mammals.

Real-time edge processing of image data enables immediate quality checks while the aircraft is still in the area of interest, and operators can review associated AIS data and GIS coordinates via an intuitive user interface.

Our technologies have also solved the “soda straw” effect that plagues traditional camera gimbal solutions, which results in the user seeing only small high-resolution sections of the ocean at any one time. By utilizing an automated scanning mode with onboard AI-powered analysis, Overwatch sensors significantly increase the size of an area that can be analyzed, while maintaining high resolution and rapid scanning speeds.

PT Series Smart Sensors

Outward-facing EO/IR gimbals for autonomous wide-area search

Outward-facing EOIR gimbals

Our PT Series outward-facing smart imaging payloads are optimized for wide-area maritime search and ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance), providing automatic scanning, finding and detection of small objects in vast and challenging ocean environments. The sensors utilize step-stare imaging across the yaw axis with 360° rotation, allowing them to easily pick up both nearby and distant targets.

The versatile and SWaP-optimized sensors utilize cutting-edge AI and machine learning and can be equipped with optional software modules for detection of specific targets such as marine mammals, surface anomalies and high-temperature objects. Positive search results can be used to alert pilots and operators as well as to cue other onboard payloads and devices.

PT-6 Low-SWaP EOIR camera systemPT-6
Lowest-SWaP system with roll-axis operation and RGB & LWIR cameras

PT-8D daytime imaging solutionPT-8D
Cost-effective daytime imaging solution with optional LWIR camera

PT-8N Outward-facing EOIR gimbalsPT-8N
Optimized for night-time and crossover day/night operations with multiple thermal imagers

PT-8DN Low-SWaP day & night imaging sensorPT-8DN
Low-SWaP daytime & night-time sensor with LWIR & dual RGB cameras

TK Series Smart Sensors

Nadir-oriented multispectral sensors for mapping & ISR

TK Series Nadir-oriented multispectral imaging payloads

Overwatch TK Series nadir-oriented smart imaging payloads are designed for high-resolution mapping and maritime ISR applications, utilizing automated step-stare imaging across the roll axis for the best possible coverage and image quality. Powerful onboard processing capabilities allow data to be viewed in real time and processed rapidly, ensuring that targets of interest can be located and reacted to in a timely manner.

The versatile systems can be used to alert pilots and operators as well as to cross-cue other sensors, and can be equipped with optional AI modules for specialized applications such as oil spill mapping, firefighting and search and rescue.

TK-7 Lowest-SWaP Nadir-oriented multispectral sensorTK-7
Lowest-SWaP sensor for low- to mid-altitude operations with RGB, NIR & LWIR

TK-8 360-degree wide imaging sensor payloadTK-8
360-degree roll sensor for wide imaging swath with RGB, NIR, LWIR, MWIR & SWIR

TK-9 high altitude multispectral sensor payloadTK-9
Powerful payload for fastest and highest-altitude operations with RGB, NIR, LWIR, MWIR & SWIR

Overwatch ASO

Automated control & object detection software for FMV gimbals

Overwatch ASO Automated control & object detection software

Overwatch ASO (Automated Sensor Operator) is a powerful software solution designed to provide third-party FMV gimbals with advanced capabilities that outpace even the most skilled human operators and allow manual, repetitive, and focus-intensive tasks to be automated. Capable of running on low-SWaP GPUs, the software can control sensor steering, collect and analyze raw data, and report actionable intelligence in real-time.

Overwatch Automated Sensor Operator Software

Ideal for maritime surveillance, the AI-powered Overwatch ASO can search and image a defined area for specific objects of interest, or rapidly output industry-standard GIS data.

More information: Overwatch ASO (Automated Sensor Operator) Software

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