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WS-E Enhanced wave sensor for marine applications

Enhanced wave sensor for marine applications

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The WS-E is an advanced MEMS-based wave sensor designed to meet the marine industry's requirements for accurate wave characteristics measurement. The strapdown unit outputs wave height, period, direction, heave/surge/sway, pitch and roll, and gyro-magnetic heading, and can generate spectral data as complete Fourier coefficients and energies sets.

The sensor can be interfaced with external GNSS receivers, gyro compasses and Doppler Velocity Logs (DVL), and can also be easily integrated with platforms such as buoys to enable real-time data transmission. The WS-E is available in an IP67-rated housing or a special rugged subsea enclosure rated to depths of 1000 metres.


Dimensions 120 x 50 x 53 mm
245 x 140 x 115 mm (subsea)
Weight 320 g
6.5 kg (subsea)
Power 1.4W (2.4W w/ datalogger)
Heave/Surge/Sway Accuracy 5% / 0.05 m RMS real time
2% / 0.02 m RMS post processed
Pitch & Roll Accuracy 0.02 deg
Heading Accuracy 0.6 deg
Wave Direction Accuracy 0.5 deg
Wave Height Accuracy 0.05 m
Wave Period Accuracy 1% / 0.1 sec