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Cutting-Edge Positioning, Navigation & Motion Tracking Systems for Marine & Maritime Vessels & Platforms

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Inertial Labs
Cutting-Edge Positioning, Navigation & Motion Tracking Systems for Marine & Maritime Vessels & Platforms
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Inertial Labs is a leading designer and manufacturer of positioning, navigation and motion tracking systems for marine and maritime vessels and platforms. Based on cutting-edge inertial sensing technologies, our high-performance systems feature extremely low SWaP (size, weight and power) footprints.

Our motion reference units and wave sensors are ideal for a wide variety of surface and subsea applications, and our expert team of engineers can advise on the best models for your specific applications and provide full integration support.

Motion Reference Units

3-axis MEMS motion sensors for marine applications

Motion Reference Units for Marine Vessel Navigation

Our MEMS-based Motion Reference Units (MRUs) combine three-axis solid state accelerometers, magnetometers, gyroscopes and barometric sensors to provide a variety of useful outputs for marine applications both above and below the waterline. The advanced high-performance strapdown sensors incorporate a range of specific algorithms for specific platforms including surface vessels, ROVs and AUVs, buoys, cranes, helidecks and more.

Motion Reference Units are available in different models to suit specific accuracy and stability needs as well as output requirements. They can be provided in IP67-rated or underwater 200 metre-rated enclosures. Data can be output in standard industry formats including Kongsberg/Seatex, Teledyne and SMC.

    Heave/Surge/Sway Pitch & Roll Heading Position & Velocity
MRU-B1 Motion Reference Unit MRU-B1 Y
MRU-B1.1 Motion Reference Unit MRU-B1.1 Y
MRU-B2 Motion Reference Unit MRU-B2 Y Y
MRU-E Motion Reference Unit MRU-E Y Y Embedded Fluxgate Magnetometer
MRU-P Motion Reference Unit MRU-P Y Y Embedded Fluxgate Magnetometer Y
MRU-PD Motion Reference Unit MRU-PD Y Y Dual Antenna GNSS, External Magnetic Compass (optional) Y

Wave Sensors

Inertial sensing solutions for wave motion & characteristics measurement

Wave Sensors for Research Buoys and Vessels

Inertial Labs Wave Sensors are MEMS-based inertial sensor solutions designed to meet the marine industry’s requirements for accurate wave characteristics measurement. The advanced strapdown sensors provide a variety of outputs, including wave height, period, direction, energy and more, and can generate spectral data as complete Fourier coefficients and energies sets.

The sensors can be interfaced with external GNSS receivers, gyro compasses and Doppler Velocity Logs (DVL), and are available in two variants to suit different accuracy and output requirements. The WS-PD is also available in a rugged subsea enclosure rated for depths down to 200 metres.

  WS-E Wave SensorWS-E WS-PD Wave SensorWS-PD
Wave Height Y Y
Wave Period Y Y
Wave Direction Y Y
Heave/Surge/Sway Y Y
Roll & Pitch Y Y
Gyro-Magnetic Heading Y Y
GNSS Heading Y
DGPS/RTK Position Y

More information: MEMS-based wave sensors


Motion Reference Units for Marine Vessel Navigation

Vessel Navigation
Our range of MRUs features two models with RTK-capable GNSS receivers, enabling them to provide accurate position and velocity data and making them ideal for marine vessel navigation.

Marine Vessel Hyrdrography

Hydrographic & Bathymetric Surveying
Inertial Labs motion reference units can be used in conjunction with single- and multi-beam echosounders and other sensors, enhancing the accuracy of underwater bathymetric and hydrographic surveys.

Wave Sensors for Research Buoys and Vessels

Buoys, ROVs & AUVs
Our inertial sensing technologies can be provided in waterproof and subsea-rated housings, making them ideal for longterm deployments in platforms such as buoys, uncrewed surface vessels, and unmanned underwater vehicles operating in harsh marine environments.

Platform Stabilization

Platform Stabilization
Inertial Labs MRUs are ideal for precision compensation for heave, surge, and sway motions of vessels, helidecks, oil and gas platforms. They have also been integrated into ABB’s high-reliability winch drives, providing active heave compensation (AHC) for crane and towing applications.

mru for oceanography

Our Wave Sensors meet a wide range of requirements for the oceanography industry, recording a variety of statistics and wave data that can be transmitted in real time to a base station using RF communications.

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