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Bayonet 350 Rugged amphibious robotic vehicle with heavy payload capacity
Bayonet 350

Rugged amphibious robotic vehicle with heavy payload capacity

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Bayonet 350

The Bayonet 350 is a rugged amphibious robotic crawler designed to undertake challenging operations on land, in the surf zone, and in underwater and seafloor environments. As the largest platform in the Bayonet line, it can withstand the harshest conditions and carry the heaviest payloads. Thanks to its low power consumption, the system can remain in place as a long-term station-keeping capability for up to 100 days.

Designed to be transported in a regular working vehicle or truck, it can be programmed for fully autonomous operation or controlled via tether or RF link buoy. A fusion of single or dual RTK-capable GNSS receivers with advanced inertial navigation provides precise navigation even when submerged, and the built-in inclinometer and pressure sensor deliver high-accuracy depth measurements.

The Bayonet 350 can be equipped with a variety of payloads, and Greensea IQ can integrate custom sensors and equipment. The versatile vehicle is ideal for a wide range of applications including environmental monitoring, beach and coastal survey, offshore and energy facilities inspection, and EOD.

Dimensions: 5 x 6 x 1 ft
Weight (With Batteries): 600 lbs
Range: 38km+ @ 1.8km/hr
64km+ at slower speeds
Deck Capacity: 350 lbs (159kg)
Plow Depth: 6 in to 2 ft (0.15 to 0.6m)