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Cutting-Edge Ocean Robotics And Open Architecture Software Solutions
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Greensea IQ is an industry-leading creator of intelligent technological solutions that push the boundaries of marine technology and allow users to work effectively and efficiently throughout the world’s oceans. Leveraging the power of cutting-edge robotics and open architecture software, our products excel under the harshest of marine and littoral conditions and solve a wide range of challenges for commercial, scientific and military clients alike.

Bayonet AUGVs

Amphibious crawler robots for challenging surf zone and seafloor operations

amphibious crawler robots

Bayonet AUGVs are highly versatile amphibious robotic crawler vehicles that are designed to operate in the surf zone and on the seabed at depths of down to 300 metres. Able to withstand waves up to 6ft in height and undertake long-term missions of up to 100 days, they are ideal for tidal and water current data collection as well as a wide range of other monitoring and surveying missions.

bayonet ocean robotic vehiclesThe robotic vehicles can be operated via a tether or RF link buoy, or programmed for full autonomy. They can be equipped with a variety of field-swappable off-the-shelf and custom payloads, and can also be fitted with a towable non-metallic sled for carrying additional sensors and equipment as well as AUV delivery systems and extra power sources.


Open architecture software platform for subsea & marine robotics

OPENSEA (Open Software Equipment Architecture) is an open architecture robotics software framework that provides developers with a robust base for creating the next generation of marine and subsea vehicles.

The hardware-agnostic platform provides a wide range of advanced capabilities including vehicle control, autonomy and navigation, and allows users to easily add new features, plug-ins, or upgrades to the core framework without conflicts.

OPENSEA is the foundation of Greensea IQ’s Bayonet AUGVs, and has also been selected as the platform of choice for a wide variety of scientific, commercial and military robotic vehicles around the world.

opensea robotics framework

More information: OPENSEA robotics software


Edge computing solution for subsea autonomy and tetherless command & control

tetherless rov with opensea edge

OPENSEA Edge is a powerful hardware and software package that provides system integrators and vehicle developers with full untethered subsea autonomy capabilities. Combining the OPENSEA software framework with state-of-the-art edge computers from NVIDIA, it allows the computing burden of processor-intensive tasks such as perception, data-gathering and autonomous navigation to be shifted from topside to the edge.OPENSEA Edge diagram

OPENSEA Edge enables the implementation of AI and machine learning-powered autonomous behaviors and tetherless command and control, while allowing the use of low-bandwidth and high-latency links thanks to the emphasis on onboard edge processing.

More information: OPENSEA Edge computing solution

Safe C2

Safe standoff capability for ROVs & marine vehicles

Safe C2 is a modular plugin for Greensea IQ’s EOD Workspace software that provides long-range standoff command and control of surface and subsea vehicles, allowing operators to be located remotely and providing enhanced safety during critical operations such as EOD (explosive ordnance disposal) and hazardous substance clearance.

safe c2 command and control of marine vehicles

The platform-agnostic software can be utilized with acoustic, cellular, satellite or radio communication links, ensuring effective and accurate vehicle control even under poor bandwidth and latency conditions. Data transmission is managed so that even with slight delays, sonar and video remain in sync.Safe C2 command and control

More information: Safe C2 command and control software plugin


Environmental ResearchEnvironmental Research

Our versatile robotic vehicles can be fitted with a wide range of payloads, such as hydrographic and chemical sensors and measurement devices, making them ideal for environmental monitoring and scientific research in challenging littoral and seafloor conditions. The OPENSEA open source software platform has also been used as the basis for developing a variety of different survey and monitoring platforms.

robotic subsea inspectionSubsea Survey

Greensea IQ solutions are ideal for undertaking challenging tasks within the oil and gas, offshore energy, construction, and other commercial and industrial markets. These include inspection of wind farms, surveys of cable routes, dredge monitoring and more.

Robot UXO ClearanceUXO Clearance

Bayonet robotic crawlers have been deployed around the world for hazardous tasks such as UXO (unexploded ordnance) clearance, providing a critical capability for defense and port security without the need to put operators in harm’s way.

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