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Bayonet 250 Mid-range underwater crawler for inland & subsea operations
Bayonet 250

Mid-range underwater crawler for inland & subsea operations

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Bayonet 250

The Bayonet 250 is a rugged amphibious robotic crawler designed to undertake challenging operations on land, in the surf zone, and in underwater and seafloor environments. With a larger footprint and heavier construction, the vehicle can withstand harsher conditions than the Bayonet 150, opening up a wider range of use cases. Thanks to its low power consumption, the system can remain in place as a long-term station-keeping capability for up to 100 days.

Designed to be two-person-portable and one-person operable, it can be assembled in the field tool-free and programmed for fully autonomous operation or controlled via tether or RF link buoy. A fusion of single or dual RTK-capable GNSS receivers with advanced inertial navigation provides precise navigation even when submerged, and the built-in inclinometer and pressure sensor deliver high-accuracy depth measurements.

The Bayonet 250 can be equipped with a variety of payloads, and Greensea IQ can integrate custom sensors and equipment. The versatile vehicle is ideal for a wide range of applications including environmental monitoring, beach and coastal survey, offshore and energy facilities inspection, and EOD.

Dimensions: 48 x 52 x 14 inches
Standard Open Deck Space: 33 x 14 inches
Weight (With Batteries): 250 lbs
Range (dry/wet): 24 miles / 10 miles
Deck Capacity: 250 lbs (113kg)
Ground Pressure (dry/wet) 0.39 psi / 0.20 psi (10’ track)
0.26 psi / 0.13 psi (15’ track)
Power Available: 5V (500mA), 12V (3A), 24V (3A), 48V
I/O: 2x RS232
1x RS485
2x non-isolated analog input
2x non-isolated analog output
2x isolated digital input
2x isolated digital output
4x Ethernet