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Boxfish ROV Versatile multi-mission ROV with 4k video camera
Boxfish ROV

Versatile multi-mission ROV with 4k video camera

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Boxfish ROV

The Boxfish ROV is an innovative underwater robotic vehicle that can be deployed and operated by a crew of two, and is designed for a range of tasks including inspection, observation, scientific research and more. Featuring an uncompressed 4K main camera as well as two ultra-wide-angle navigation cameras for enhanced situational awareness, it provides unprecedented surround visibility and captures near-zero latency 4K video.

With eight 3D-vectored thrusters, the Boxfish ROV can move with six degrees of freedom, and its fault-tolerant design allows it to operate even with several fouled thrusters. If communication is lost, the ROV will automatically surface under its own power.

The easily-transported and low-maintenance system can be set up and deployed by a single operator in minutes. It can run for up to 14 hours on a single charge, and is rated for depths of down to 500 metres as standard with a 1000-metre version available upon request.