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Cutting-Edge Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), Underwater Resident Vehicles and Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)

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Boxfish Robotics
Cutting-Edge Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), Underwater Resident Vehicles and Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)
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Boxfish Robotics is a leading developer of innovative underwater robotics technologies, and is dedicated to leading the autonomy revolution in subsea and ocean exploration.

Our state-of-the-art remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and hovering autonomous underwater vehicles (HAUVs) provide customers with unprecedented access to the underwater world, allowing them to achieve remarkable insights and clarity. These cutting-edge solutions serve a wide range of markets and industries, including inspection, ocean science, offshore energy, aquaculture, biosecurity, and film-making.


Resident autonomous underwater vehicle for longterm deployments

arv-i aquaculture resident auv

The ARV-i is an innovative AUV designed to provide a resident capability for continuous remote underwater monitoring and inspection. Combining cutting-edge technologies from both Boxfish Robotics and Transmark Subsea, it can stay submerged for months at a time, utilizing sophisticated autonomy and onboard artificial intelligence to observe, transmit data, and recharge itself at a docking station when required.

ARV-i Resident autonomous underwater vehicle

ARV-i Resident AUV

The vehicle can be equipped with an array of up to six machine vision cameras and one 4K navigation camera, as well as 17,000 lumens of lighting. These powerful capabilities enable it to capture and stream crystal-clear video footage for unparalleled observation.

The vehicle is designed to operate without a tether connection, but can be optionally equipped with one to allow users to access uncompressed video and higher data transmission rates.

Boxfish AUV

Advanced AI-powered AUV with six degrees of freedom

Boxfish customisable AUVThe Boxfish AUV is a next-generation customisable hovering underwater vehicle, featuring eight powerful 3D-vectored thrusters for six degrees of freedom of movement and versatile movement in any direction. The system is built around the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier AI computer running ROS 2, providing an open platform that can be programmed to undertake specific autonomous missions.

ARV-i Resident autonomous underwater vehicle

ARV-i Resident AUV

The vehicle includes an onboard USBL, depth sensor and IMU, and can be integrated with up to 8 additional sensors including imaging sonars, DVL and more. The portable and rapidly-deployable Boxfish AUV is rated to 500 metres as standard, with a 1000 metre version available upon request.

Boxfish LUNA

Professional underwater cinematography ROV for unparalleled quality and clarity

Boxfish LUNA underwater cinematography ROV

The Boxfish Luna ROV enables users to take professional underwater cinematography to a new level, featuring a choice of Sony A7SIII or Sony α1 cameras and a new 200mm precision optical dome, and delivering up to 4K ProRes RAW video at 30p and up to 50MP still imagery. With eight 3D-vectored thrusters, the versatile ROV provides true six-degrees-of-freedom of movement for orienting itself in any direction.
Boxfish Luna ROV
The package includes a surface console with a 4K UHD 17″ display, allowing users to monitor underwater footage in real time and providing complete control of lighting, camera position, exposure, white balance, zoom and more. The easily-transported system can be easily set up and deployed by a two-person crew in just minutes.

Boxfish ROV

Versatile multi-mission ROV with 4k video camera

versatile multi-mission ROV

The Boxfish ROV is an innovative underwater robotic vehicle that is ideal for a wide range of applications, including inspection, observation, scientific research and more. Featuring an uncompressed 4K main camera and two ultra-wide-angle navigation cameras, it provides unprecedented surround visibility and captures near-zero latency 4K video.

underwater robotic vehicleWith eight 3D-vectored thrusters, the Boxfish ROV can move with six degrees of freedom, and its fault-tolerant design allows it to operate even with several fouled thrusters. The easily-transported and low-maintenance system can be set up and deployed by a single operator in minutes.

Boxfish Alpha

Reliable workhorse ROV with compact design

Reliable workhorse ROV

The Boxfish Alpha is a versatile and reliable ROV designed for a range of tasks including inspection, observation and light intervention work.

The compact vehicle includes eight 3D vectored thrusters for full control and precise maneuverability, and can access tight spaces that are inaccessible to many other ROV designs.
Boxfish Alpha ROV
The vehicle features a 4K primary camera that can stream video to the control console in real time, and can be equipped with imaging, scanning and profiling sonars, as well as a range of manipulators including line cutters, grabbers, and jaws.


marine science

Marine & Environmental Science
Boxfish underwater robotic systems provide scientists, researchers and educations with a portable data gathering platform that requires can be acquired and operated at a fraction of the cost of larger systems. Best-in-class image quality, a depth rating of up to 1,000 meters, and the flexibility to add up to 8 sensors truly set it apart within its class of small ROVs (24kg) for science!

underwater cinematography ROV

Boxfish Luna is specifically designed to solve the pain points of underwater filming, such as time constraints, temperature and depth limitations of filming with divers, footage quality and stability when filming with an other ROVs, H&S, wildlife disturbance, and more. It offers full control over the camera settings and enables filming and monitoring the most precious encounters from the comfort of a surface vessel.

Offshore inspection rov

Offshore Wind
Boxfish underwater vehicles provide a cost-effective alternative to divers, and are ideal for emergency or routine inspection work and maintenance on offshore structures and platforms. Boxfish autonomous systems are ideal for repetitive tasks and can reside on a farm for extended periods, eliminating the need to send people offshore for inspection.

biosecurity and search and rescue ROV

Biosecurity and SAR
With rapid deployment capabilities and high-quality imagery, our ROVs are ideal for gathering critical information when time is of the essence, and excel under conditions that may be too dangerous and not suitable for divers.

Commercial Asset Inspection ROV

Commercial Asset Inspection
Our ROVs enable efficient inspection and maintenance of a wide range of underwater assets, ensuring that minor issues are spotted before they become major problems, and minimizing downtime and manpower costs.

Underwater Autonomy

Developing underwater autonomy
Have a unique need or solving an underwater autonomy puzzle yourself? Boxfish AUV is a perfect, field-proven platform that can be programmed for custom autonomous operations. An onboard computer running ROS 2 complements the standard Boxfish controller and allows for additional control. A simple command structure enables high-level control of the drone and simplifies automation.

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