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Boxfish Alpha Reliable workhorse ROV with compact design
Boxfish Alpha

Reliable workhorse ROV with compact design

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Boxfish Alpha

The Boxfish Alpha is a versatile and reliable ROV designed for cost-effective inspection, observation and light intervention work. The compact vehicle includes eight 3D vectored thrusters for full control and precise manoeuvrability, and can access tight spaces that are inaccessible to many other ROV designs.

The vehicle features a 4K primary camera with true 6x zoom that can stream video to the control console in real time, as well as a rear 180-degree navigation camera for enhanced situational awareness. It can be equipped with imaging, scanning and profiling sonars, as well as a range of manipulators including line cutters, grabbers, and jaws.

The lightweight and highly portable Boxfish Alpha can be set up and deployed quickly, and comes with a rugged console that can display real-time uncompressed 4K video as well as telemetry data.