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MIDAS CTD High-accuracy CTD profiler for longterm deployment

High-accuracy CTD profiler for longterm deployment

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The MIDAS CTD is Valeport's premier CTD profiler, designed for use as a self-recording system and featuring truly synchronised sampling to ensure that all sensors are sampled at exactly the same point during a profile. With low power draw and large memory capacity, it is ideal for longterm deployments.

The unit incorporates Valeport’s high stability conductivity sensor, a high accuracy temperature compensated piezoresistive pressure transducer, and a fast response PRT temperature sensor. It is housed in a robust titanium enclosure for reliable operation down to 6000 metres.


Dimensions (D x L) 88 x 665 mm
Weight 11.5 kg in air
8.5 kg in water with cage
Power 0.6W (sampling)
<1mW (sleeping)
Depth Rating 6000m
Conductivity Range 0-80 mS/cm
Resolution 0.002 mS/cm
Accuracy ±0.01 mS/cm
Temperature Range -5°C – +35°C
Resolution 0.005°C
Accuracy ±0.01°C
Pressure Range 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 300, 400 or 600 bar
Resolution 0.001% FS
Accuracy ±0.01% FS
Data Acquisition 1, 2, 4 or 8 Hz continuous
Burst, conditional and delay modes