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Voyager AI Autopilot
Voyager AI Autopilot

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Voyager AI Autopilot

The Robosys Voyager AI Autopilot is a compact hardware module that enables remote control for uncrewed vessels, as well as full or partial autonomy when combined with Robosys' Voyager AI software. Designed for vessels in the 3 to 12 metre range, it integrates with a variety of vessel steering and propulsion systems via industry-standard interfaces, working with single or twin engines and individual or dual waterjets.

The versatile autopilot provides a range of analogue and digital I/O and can be easily switched between remote control and autonomous modes. It is compatible with Robosys' short-range wireless docking controller and ground control station, and is ideal for a variety of hydrographic and oceanic surveying applications.

Configuring the module with Robosys' Voyager AI software provides a range of advanced functionality, including heading and speed control, COLREGS-compliant automatic collision avoidance, anti-grounding, and mission continuity during loss-of-communications events.


Dimensions ( L x W x H) 260 x 160 x 90 mm
Weight 2.95 kg
Supply Voltage 9.36 VDC
Interfaces Serial, ESC, TQBUS, CANBUS