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New Greensea IQ Banner for Ocean Robotics Companies

Greensea Systems, Bayonet Ocean Vehicles, and Armach Robotics have been restructured into Greensea IQ to improve interactions with, and understanding of, the oceans By Abi Wylie / 05 Sep 2023
New Greensea IQ Banner for Ocean Robotics Companies
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Greensea Systems, Inc., has announced that it has restructured Greensea Systems, Inc., Bayonet Ocean Vehicles, Inc. and Armach Robotics, Inc., under the new Greensea IQ banner.

This restructuring aims to reinforce Greensea IQ as a leading company in the use of uncrewed and autonomous systems to help improve interactions with, and understanding of, the oceans.

Greensea IQ’s innovations hope to revolutionize maritime industries globally. EverClean, for instance, is a proactive and autonomous in-water robotic cleaning solution providing constantly clean hulls for shipowners, pioneered by Armach Robotics. 

This ‘Robot as a Service’ product aims to keep ships always operating at peak performance. 

OPENSEA, Greensea IQ’s hardware-agnostic open framework for the development and deployment of cutting-edge robotics technologies, can be considered the common thread that ties together all of the company’s activities, encompassing essential interfaces and utilities vital to the robotics and unmanned systems community.

Thanks to OPENSEA, the EverClean robot has many tools at its disposal to plot the most efficient route thus avoiding over working and preserving coatings, plus after each cleaning operation, an accurate georeferenced hull condition survey is provided.

The OPENSEA library’s scope is comprehensive, the application suite consisting of a multitude of distributed independent applications. These applications synergistically function as fundamental building blocks, seamlessly interacting within the OPENSEA network. Their collective capabilities form a scalable, adaptable, and modular system.

The Bayonet series of Autonomous Underwater Ground Vehicles, or AUGVs, also leverage the power of OPENSEA to navigate, identify objects, and process data most efficiently, and add another unique platform to Greensea IQ’s range of products going forward. 

The Bayonet AUGVs are engineered for the surf zone. They offer the flexibility to incorporate diverse environmental, oceanographic, hydrographic, benthic, and industry-specific sensors. This adaptability caters to commercial and military applications in the surf zone and beyond.

Additionally, Greensea IQ’s advancements in the defense and environmental spheres are gaining traction. The EOD Workspace software platform offers autonomous capabilities for mine detection and classification, reducing the risk to personnel in hazardous environments. 

Furthermore, the company’s robotics technologies are finding applications in offshore renewables, performing surveys for pre-construction work and beach landings, where traditional solutions struggle.

The restructure also prepares the company to strategically expand its operations across the globe, likely into Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia, allowing the provision of closer service depots for robot deployments, and more effective customer support.

Greensea IQ will unveil its new identity and showcase the combined capabilities at the upcoming DSEI show in London, UK.

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