Offshore Technology Conference 2024

May 6-9, 2024
United States
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Key Details Dates: May 6-9, 2024 Venue: Houston, TX, United States Organizer: OTC
About Offshore Technology Conference 2024

The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) represents a consortium of 15 non-profit entities dedicated to supporting the global energy sector. Through collaborative efforts, these organizations create and oversee a variety of events aimed at accelerating the development and transfer of interdisciplinary offshore technologies. The revenue generated from these events is reinvested into the sponsoring organizations, thereby fostering advancements within these entities and in the broader energy industry.

As the world moves to a low-carbon, more sustainable future, this event provides attendees with a range of opportunities for discussions focused on the innovative developments required to speed up the world’s energy mix.

Whether it’s solar, wind, oil and gas, hydrogen, or other marine resources, these conversations will focus on the innovations that could help change and progress the global energy mix.

NB: The 15 non-profit entities comprise of 12 sponsoring organizations, 1 regional sponsoring organizations, and 2 endorsing bodies.

Offshore Technology Conference: The Goal

OTC aims to emerge as the leading company facilitating and fostering offshore resource development for a more sustainable future, while increasing access to technologies and enhancing their use.

Central Aims

  • OTC hosts distinguished forums aimed at advancing new technologies, science, and methods that are crucial for offshore resource development.
  • OTC serves as a nexus connecting a worldwide community of offshore resource development organizations and professionals.
  • The event fosters collaboration to generate innovative solutions for sustainable development.
  • Lastly, OTC acknowledges excellence among individuals and organizations contributing to the advancement of offshore technology.

What’s On:

Executive Dialogue Speakers:

  • Celine Gerson – Fugro – President & Group Director Americas
  • Erik Oswalk – ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions – VP of Advocacy & Policy Development
  • Jean Paul Terra Prates – Petrobras – CEO
  • Attilio Pisoni – Baker Hughes – Chief Strategy & Technology Officer of Oilfield Services & Equipment
  • And more…

View the full Technical Program here.

OTC Featured Speakers:

  • Elohor Aiboni – Shell – Managing Director
  • Bryant Jones – Geothermal Rising – Executive Director
  • Sivasankaran Somasundaram – Champion X – President & CEO
  • James Bennett – BOEM – Renewable Energy Senior Adviser (retired)
  • Decio Oddone – Enauta – Chief Executive Officer
  • And many more…

Other Events:

  • Energy Transition Panel
  • Distinguished Achievement Awards Event
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Offshore Wind Energy Thread

Where is OTC?


TX 77054

This year’s Offshore Technology Conference is held in Houston, Texas, as it is every year. However, OTC has also expanded its technical and global footprint with events such as the Arctic Technology Conference, OTC Brazil, and OTC Asia.

The History of the OTC Conference

Established in 1969, the OTC serves as a pivotal platform where energy professionals convene to exchange ideas and insights, driving scientific and technical advancements for offshore resources and environmental concerns.

OTC is recognized as one of the largest 100 trade shows and among the 50 largest meetings held annually in the United States. Sponsored by industry organizations and societies, OTC collaboratively develops its program each year with input from knowledgeable professionals. The event strives for:

International Trade: Facilitating connections between countries and international buyers.

Quality: Offering a technical program put together by experienced professionals.

Value: Showcasing groundbreaking innovations and leading providers of products and services in a single venue.

Convenience: Hosting events in energy hubs with top-notch facilities and amenities.

Networking: Providing opportunities to meet and exchange ideas with professionals from around the world.

Investing Back in the Industry: Utilizing event revenue to fund important programs for members, such as training and technical journals.

Always Something New: Experiencing diverse languages, emerging technologies, and insights from top executives.

More Information and Registration

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