Combined Naval Event 2024

May 21-23, 2024
United Kingdom
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Key Details Dates: May 21-23, 2024 Venue: Farnborough, United Kingdom
About Combined Naval Event 2024

2024’s conference will mark the 12th Combined Naval Event and the third time it has combined the three events, but also marks the second year of the new Surface Fleet Technology meeting. The event will welcome more than 1,500 attendees representing over 50 nations and 200 companies.

Navy Leaders' Combined Naval Event 2024

When is the Combined Naval Event 2024 taking place?

The 12th annual Combined Naval Event is being held from 21st May 2024 to 23rd May, 2024.

Why Attend the Combined Naval Event 2024?

This year, the maritime environment is breaking through as central priority for NATO and its partners. The Combined Naval Event’s four colocated meetings, Future Surface FleetUnderwater Defence and SecuritySubmarine Technology, and the new Surface Fleet Technology are key in this domain.

This impressive combination aims to help countries develop their maritime capabilities, ensuring that sea denial and control can be achieved when required, and that freedom of navigation is not compromised. The individual events consist of:

  • Underwater Defense & Security
    This meeting explores the most recent innovations in Anti-Submarine Warfare and Mine Counter Measures in a vital, stand-alone area that matches the discrete focus this conference will provide. Delegates will be updated on changes and trends in the tactical employment, operations and sustainability of not only underwater, but also surface and airborne fleets.
  • Future Surface Fleet
    In 2024, this meeting will be delivered in two theatres to best analyse designing, modernising, building, and sustaining fleets throughout their lifecycle. The development and maintenance of relationships between customer and supplier will be at the forefront of issues in this challenging area.
  • Submarine Technology
    This meeting begins with a strategic piece and will develop to discuss the importance of improving sensor performance, combat systems and views on the significance of new technology and innovation. Sensors and Safety will also feature prominently, as well as material certification and survivability.
  • Surface Fleet Technology
    Introduced in 2023, this meeting focuses on the specific uses that future and emerging technologies will have in next-gen platforms.

Combined Naval Event attendees will hail from a broad variety of domains, such as the defence industry, international navies, and academia, with the goal of exploring how to partner and cooperate to assure naval capabilities match the operational, strategic, and technological opportunities of tomorrow.

What the Combined Naval Event has to offer in 2024

The full agenda and list of speakers for 2024 has yet to be released, however a floor plan of the event can be found on the website, and potential attendees or speakers can register here >>

There is a full list of 2024 Exhibition Partners.

The Combined Naval Event also offers the The Navy Connections Programme (NCP), which facilitates over 400 pre-scheduled meetings and introductions throughout the three days of the exhibition.

Where is the Combined Naval Event 2024?

Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre
Etps Rd
GU14 6TQ
United Kingdom

The venue sits alongside Europe’s leading business airport and at the home of the world-class Farnborough Airshow. It is shaped around Farnborough, rich in history, as the birthplace of aviation and the home of pioneering spirit.

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More Information and Registration

To learn more about Combined Naval Event 2024, to register to attend or exhibit, please click below.

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