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Cutting-Edge Surveying, Positioning & Sensing Solutions for Hydrographic & Oceanographic Applications

SatLab Geosolutions
Cutting-Edge Surveying, Positioning & Sensing Solutions for Hydrographic & Oceanographic Applications
GeoSolution i Göteborg AB., Jarnbrotts Prastvag 2, SE-42147 Vastra Frolunda, Gothenburg Sweden Regional offices
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SatLab Geosolutions is a leading developer of surveying, positioning and sensing solutions for hydrographic and oceanographic applications. With a strong focus on research and development, we create advanced and innovative products based on cutting-edge GNSS, sonar and USV (uncrewed surface vessel) technologies that empower a wide range of users working in marine and maritime environments around the world.

We pride ourselves on creating solutions for surveyors, scientists and other professionals and meeting their needs with Swedish engineering and technology. We ensure that all our products meet our rigorous standards for quality checking and assurance, resulting in a seamless and efficient experience from the moment you begin work.


HydroBoat 990

Single-operator USV with built-in echosounderhydrographic survey usv

The HydroBoat 990 is a versatile bathymetric and hydrographic survey platform designed to be launched and operator by just one operator. With a built-in GNSS receiver and single-beam echosounder, it delivers high-precision surveying capabilities with enhanced efficiency. The IP67-rated USV also includes a millimeter wave radar-based obstacle avoidance system for superior protection and performance in the field.

HydroBoat 1200

Multi-mission USV for surveying & monitoring

multi-mission USVThe HydroBoat 1200 is a versatile USV with a hydrodynamically efficient design, featuring full autonomy and able to carry a wide variety of payloads to undertake a broad spectrum of surveying and monitoring tasks. With built-in high-precision GNSS, single-beam echosounder and 360-degree PTZ camera, it can also be equipped with ADCPs, side-scan sonars, multi-parameter water quality sensors, and more.

HydroBoat 1500

Heavy-payload USV for underwater topographic survey

HydroBoat 1500 USVThe HydroBoat 1500 is a versatile USV that can carry up to 60 kg and is ideal for equipping with a wide range of underwater survey equipment, including multibeam echosounders, side scan sonars and ADCPs. The durable IP67-rated vessel features a millimeter-wave radar and 360° omnidirectional camera for accurate obstacle detection and safe navigation, as well as a dual 2.4GHz and 4G communications system.

GNSS Receivers


Dual-antenna GNSS receiver for navigation & positioning at sea

Njord Positioning and Heading GNSS ReceiverThe Njord is a multi-frequency, multi-constellation GNSS receiver that provides high-precision positioning and heading capabilities for marine vessels, offshore construction and other such applications. The dual-antenna unit is capable of receiving PPP corrections via L-band, and provides a variety of I/O and communications interfaces including UHF radio, cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB and Ethernet.

Hydrographic & Oceanographic Sensors


Towed side scan sonar with simultaneous dual-frequency scanning

HydroScan Towed side scan sonar systemHydroScan is a high-precision side scan sonar system designed for underwater imaging applications requiring excellent clarity. It utilizes simultaneous dual-frequency scanning and switches freely between continuous waveform and chirp modes, resulting in lower noise and longer range. The system is available in two frequency variants – 100/400 kHz and 400/900 kHz.


High-accuracy acoustic Doppler current profilerHydroFlow Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler

The HydroFlow ADCP (acoustic Doppler current profiler) provides high-accuracy measurements of water flow for applications such as environmental monitoring, flood preparation, and irrigation. Featuring built-in gyro, temperature, pressure and tilting sensors, it can be fitted to a wide range of marine platforms including vessels, buoys, USVs and UUVs.

HydroBeam M4

Compact high-precision multibeam echosounderHydroBeam M4 Multi-Beam Echo Sounder

The HydroBeam M4 is a lightweight and compact multi-beam echosounder that can be easily integrated into a variety of marine platforms. It features built in inertial and sound velocity sensors, ensuring high-precision measurement without the need for frequent calibration. The system’s scan width is adjustable from 8° to 150° to cover depths of up to 200 metres.


Dual-frequency echosounder for depth measurementES-224 Dual-frequency Echo Sounder

The ES-224 echo sounder features dual-frequency operation, making it ideal for high-precision measurement in both shallow and deep water. The system includes a rugged industrial-grade computer with a 17″ screen, running SatLab’s SLHydro Sounder hydrographic software with integrated bathymetry, navigation, and post-processing capabilities.

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