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HydroBoat 1200 Multi-mission USV for surveying & monitoring
HydroBoat 1200

Multi-mission USV for surveying & monitoring

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HydroBoat 1200

The HydroBoat 1200 is a versatile USV designed with cutting-edge CFD technology for maximum hydrodynamic efficiency. It features full autonomy and can carry a wide variety of payloads to undertake a broad spectrum of surveying and monitoring tasks, including bathymetry, water quality surveys, and underwater salvage.

The USV includes a built-in high-precision GNSS receiver and 360-degree PTZ camera for precision navigation and safety, as well as a single-beam echosounder. It can also be equipped with ADCPs, side-scan sonars, multi-parameter water quality sensors, and more.

Dimensions 1229 x 600 x 438 mm
Weight 10 kg
Power Consumption 1000 W
Speed 0.1 – 6 m/s
Endurance 40 km @ 1.5 m/s
GNSS Position Accuracy RTK: ±8mm + 1 ppm (H), ±15mm + 1 ppm (V) DGNSS: ±0.4m + 1 ppm (H), ±0.8m + 1 ppm (V) Single: 1.5m (H), 2.5m (V)
SBES 200 kHz Accuracy ±0.01 m + 0.1% of water depth Depth range 0.15 - 300m