PCI: Creating an Innovative Shipping Container Tracking Solution

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PCI discusses the partnership that developed a marine telematics system, with which the shipping industry gains a set of tools that could transform how containers are managed and monitored.

PCI: Creating an Innovative Shipping Container Tracking Solution

Maritime trade has been the backbone of global commerce for centuries as an industry that has always been pivotal in fuelling the global market and shaping economies.

However, with the rapid rise of globalisation and the exponential increase in goods moving across oceans, the maritime industry finds itself in need of significant modernisation.

Recognising this need, PCI, with its extensive background in electronics manufacturing, saw an opportunity to collaborate with a telematics tracking pioneer. This collaboration was not only a business proposition, but a meeting of minds, aspirations, and mutual goals to develop a system.

Together, the companies embarked on a mission to drive innovation, address industry challenges, and bring transformative solutions that could redefine the maritime landscape.

PCI goes on to discuss:

  • The Challenge: Navigating a Rapidly Evolving Maritime Market
  • The Solution: Agile Collaboration and Expertise in Marine Telematics
  • The Result: Enhanced Asset Management and Increased Revenue
  • The Core Benefits of Marine Telematics in Container Tracking
  • Power Maritime Efficiency with PCI’s Capabilities

The company ends with a summary outlining how PCI was reportedly pivotal in this endeavour, leveraging its expertise in marine telematics, antenna design, and cellular innovations.

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