Navigating the Offshore Wind Biodiversity Opportunity

Fugro has released an article outlining the biodiversity support restoration opportunities that come with the rise of wind power, diving into effective ways to make the most of these openings Feature Article by Fugro
Navigating the Offshore Wind Biodiversity Opportunity
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Fugro knows that decades of human activity has led to a large decline in the environment, notably the diversity of habitats and living creatures themselves. The company is therefore positing biodiversity net-positive policies.

As fossil fuels become replaced more and more frequently by sustainable and renewable energy, the rise of wind power provides opportunities for restoring and enhancing biodiversity around and between project sites, both on land and in the sea.

In the full article, Fugro goes in depth about:

  • What does ‘biodiversity’ mean?
  • Why is biodiversity important?
  • What is threatening biodiversity?
  • What’s the remedy?
  • How do offshore wind projects interact with nature?
  • What are the challenges involved?
  • The transformation has begun
  • Obstacles and Temptations
  • The Mitigation Hierarchy

The company concludes that there are four crucial elements to making the most of the biodiversity opportunities put forward by the rise of wind power, including acting on science based targets, setting ambitious targets to support and restore biodiversity, and more.

Find the full article on the Fugro website to learn more.

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