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Innovative Stabilized Platform Technology for Marine & Maritime Vessels

Stable AS
Innovative Stabilized Platform Technology for Marine & Maritime Vessels
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Stable is the developer of an innovative stabilized platform technology that has revolutionized the way that work is done at sea. Designed to neutralize the effects of heavy waves and harsh ocean-going conditions, our platforms can be seamlessly installed on board a wide range of marine and maritime vessels.

Our team of in-house expert engineers has over 20 years of experience with gyroscopic and inclinometer sensing, precision filtering, and sensor fusion technologies. This allows us to design the perfect solution for your specific stabilization requirements.

stabilized platform technology

Innovative stabilization technology for motion-free operations

Our tailormade stabilized platforms use high-precision sensors and computer-controlled electrical actuators to characterize and cancel out movements in the environment, removing unwanted motions due to roll, pitch and lateral forces. They can compensate for movements of up to 30 degrees, continually providing a perfectly horizontal surface – or acceleration free environment. Safeguarding sleep, work – or delicate processes under highly dynamic conditions at sea.

precision stabilization

Our cutting-edge technology is fully customizable and tailored to your unique operational requirements, and can be used to provide precision stabilization for a wide variety of onboard use cases. Examples of successful applications include:

stabilized desk


A stabilized desktop allows workers and crew members on board vessels and offshore platforms to stay focused and productive, and to work at maximum efficiency without disruption. It also may reduce the risk of damage to instruments and other essential equipment.

stabilized laboratory equipment

Laboratory Instruments

Our stabilization technology is ideal for securing high-precision laboratory instruments and equipment on board research and scientific expedition vessels. This allows technicians to carry out delicate measurements and experiments without fear of interruption or equipment damage.

stabilized containers


Our technology can be incorporated into containerized offices and control rooms suited for onboard vessel operations. Stabilization allows personnel to work in comfort during extreme weather conditions without loss of quality.

gyro stabilized drone platforms

Drone Platforms

We have developed a wide range of stabilized solutions that provide UAVs of all sizes with a perfectly horizontal surface for accurate and efficient take-off and landing. The elimination of platform movement is also essential for the successful calibration of drone payloads and sensors. Our stabilized UAV landing pad technology can be adapted to all sizes of UAVs, as well as fully containerized facilities that provide an all in-one storage, protection, launch and recovery capability.

stabilized seats

Stable Seats

Fit for work when arriving! Offshore Wind installation does not only fail during sunny days, and technicians need to be transported to site for maintenance and repair independent on weather conditions. Safeguard their ability to work and be effective by increasing the comfort, prevent and cure seasickness.

stabilized telescope platform

Telescope Platforms

Astronomers and other telescope users who have chosen a seabound vessel as their method of choice for escaping light pollution can benefit greatly from our stabilization technology. We can provide small platforms for just the telescope, or a complete observation unit that seats the operator and enables 360-degree operation and compensation for azimuth variation.

stabilized antennas, radars and sensors

Antennas, Radars & LiDARS

Platform stabilization is essential for effective operation of a wide range of onboard sensors and equipment, including communications antennas, radars and LiDAR scanners. Stable technology ensures accurate pointing and continued precision scanning and measurement even in rough seas.

stabilized cameras


Stable’s technology can be combined with existing gyro systems to secure visible and thermal cameras onboard, maintaining the angles you require and ensuring smooth footage without over-reliance on digital stabilization methods.

stabilized bed stretcher

Onboard Healthcare

Stabilized sickbay facilities allow onboard medical teams to treat injured and sick patients straight away without needing to wait for weather conditions to improve, thus maximizing the chance of a positive outcome. A stabilized operation theatre may safeguard delicate surgery – as well as reducing the stress and seasickness for the patient due to the ships movements.

stabilized stretcher support

Stabilized Stretcher Support

Our stabilized stretcher support offers a revolutionary solution to increase comfort by removing uncomfortable sideways forces during ambulance transport. The proven results are reduced use of medicines due to less pain, faster transport possibilities – and increased possibility to use sensitive life saving equipment during transport. Applicable for ambulance boats, Naval vessels and on land based patient transport.

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