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High-Accuracy Inertial Sensors & Acoustic Positioning Systems for Marine, Maritime & Offshore Applications

Advanced Navigation
High-Accuracy Inertial Sensors & Acoustic Positioning Systems for Marine, Maritime & Offshore Applications
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Advanced Navigation is a leading manufacturer of high-accuracy inertial sensors and acoustic positioning systems for marine, maritime and offshore applications. Trusted by leading industry figures around the world, our MEMS, FOG, and acoustic-based navigation products are ideal for a wide range of use cases, including subsea and surface vessel-based surveying, platform stabilization, and tracking.

Autonomous underwater vehicle for survey & inspection

Hydrus AUV

Miniature autonomous underwater vehicle with 4K video capabilities

Hydrusminiature autonomous underwater vehicle is a highly compact and portable AUV that has been designed specifically to capture high-resolution underwater images and video combined with precise geo-referenced data. It features a 4K 60 FPS camera coupled with powerful lighting, and utilizes tightly coupled USBL, DVL and INS sensors as well as acoustic and optical modems.

Capable of operating down to 3000 metres, Hydrus is ideal for surveying, inspection, environmental monitoring, oil and gas applications, and more.

Webinar: The Future of Underwater Drones

Join Peter Baker and Morgan McDermont from Advanced Navigation to learn how Hydrus is disrupting the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) industry. The drone revolution is happening, in the deep! Our hosts take you through the whole product journey, from inspiration and design philosophy to technical challenges and innovative capabilities.

More information: Hydrus miniature AUV

High-accuracy MEMS & FOG GNSS-INS solutions

Boreas D90

Strategic-grade digital FOG GNSS-INS

digital FOG GNSS-INSThe Boreas D90 is a strategic-grade GNSS-INS that combines Advanced Navigation’s new ground-breaking DFOG (Digital Fiber Optic Gyroscope) technology with a dual antenna RTK GNSS receiver to deliver orientation and navigation data with superior accuracy and reliability.

Housed in an IP67-rated precision aluminium enclosure, the unit has been designed and tested to MIL-spec standards and is ideal for the most demanding offshore and marine survey applications.

More information: Boreas D90 Strategic-grade digital FOG GNSS-INS

Certus & Certus Evo

Rugged GNSS-aided navigation & positioning solutions

high accuracy MEMS INSCertus and Certus Evo are low-SWaP GPS-aided INS and AHRS modules that use temperature-calibrated accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers and a pressure sensor, combined with sophisticated AI-based sensor fusion, to deliver high-accuracy output data for navigation and positioning at sea.

Incorporating dual-antenna moving baseline RTK GNSS, the modules are ideal for marine surveying, platform stabilization, and ship motion monitoring.


Ruggedized miniature GNSS-aided INS/AHRS

miniature GNSS-aided INS/AHRSSpatial is a ruggedized miniature GPS-aided combined INS/AHRS, using high-performance MEMS inertial sensors and an advanced multi-frequency RTK GNSS receiver to deliver accurate and reliable position, velocity, acceleration and orientation data.

With a low SWaP footprint and AI-powered sensor fusion capabilities, the state-of-the-art sensor is ideal for marine surveying, USV navigation, and ship motion monitoring.

More information: Spatial miniature GNSS-aided INS/AHRS

Spatial FOG Dual

Rugged FOG INS with RTK & dual-antenna heading

Dual antenna RTK GNSS INS/AHRSThe Spatial FOG Dual is a dual-antenna moving baseline RTK GNSS INS/AHRS solution. Featuring a cutting-edge fiber optic gyro IMU and a triple-frequency all-constellation Trimble RTK GNSS receiver, it provides accuracy of up to 8mm, and supports the Omnistar service for even higher performance.

The versatile sensor is ideal for a wide range of marine and maritime applications and can be easily interfaced to third-party peripherals such as DVLs and USBLs, NMEA sources, and more.

More information: Spatial FOG Dual antenna RTK GNSS INS/AHRS

Miniature high-performance IMUs & AHRS


High-performance MEMS AHRS for marine survey vehicles

MEMS AHRS for marine survey vehiclesOrientus is a miniature MEMS orientation sensor and AHRS (Attitude & Heading Reference System) that uses state-of-the-art sensor fusion to deliver accurate and reliable data even in the most challenging marine environments. It is available in OEM or ruggedized enclosed variants.

With a low SWaP (size, weight and power) footprint, it is ideal for platform and camera stabilization and as a heading reference source for unmanned survey vessels.

More information: Orientus MEMS AHRS for marine survey vehicles


Ultra-high accuracy miniature MEMS IMU

miniature MEMS IMUMotus is a miniature IMU (inertial measurement unit) that utilizes some of the most accurate MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes on the market, providing inertial performance that rivals even some FOG IMUs.

With a volume of just over 1 cubic inch and a weight of only 26 grams, Motus is ideal for SWaP-conscious marine survey platforms. It is available as an OEM board or in a ruggedized housing.

More information: Motus miniature MEMS IMU

Subsea acoustic navigation & positioning systems


Miniature underwater acoustic positioning system for AUVs and ROVs

USBL underwater acoustic positioning systemSubsonus is an advanced USBL (ultra-short baseline) underwater acoustic positioning system that combines a sophisticated eight-channel hydrophone array with an integrated and tightly-coupled INS. It fuses acoustic position and Doppler velocity with inertial outputs and depth sensor data, providing highly accurate position, velocity and heading.

The miniature USBL can operate at depths of down to 1000 metres, and is ideal for marine platform stabilization and station-keeping, and underwater survey AUVs and ROVs.

Case Study: Subsonus USBL2 Technology Accelerates JM Robotics Small-Scale ROV Program With Accurate Acoustic Heading

Subsonus Tag

Low-cost tracking capability for underwater vehicles

acoustic positioning transponderSubsonus Tag is a low-cost acoustic positioning transponder designed for use with our Subsonus USBL. Ideal for tracking AUVs and ROVs, it features an integrated battery, wireless charging and a low-power pressure-tolerant e-paper display.

Tags can operate at depths of up to 2000 metres for up to 18 months without recharging, and up to 65,000 individual Tags can be tracked by one surface Subsonus unit.

More information: Subsonus Tag acoustic positioning transponder

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