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Revolutionizing Underwater Data Capture

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Revolutionizing Underwater Data CaptureIn this white paper, Advanced Navigation outlines how its Hydrus ROV is facilitating underwater data capture, making it affordable while still gathering high-quality subsea data. Read more >>

The Hydrus is compact and lightweight, with obstacle detection for collision avoidance and object identification for targeted data capture, among many other features. Find a summary of the article below, or download the full white paper here >>

From aquaculture and reef management to subsea infrastructure inspections, the demand for high-quality underwater data is critical for commercial and environmental goals. Yet, the journey to gather this data has been costly and logistically complex – until now.

  • Revolutionising underwater data capture – Explore how Hydrus revolutionises ocean data collection.
  • Sinking barriers to entry Discover how Hydrus removes the barriers of cost and complexity.
  • How Hydrus compares with divers and ROVs Compare the efficiency and effectiveness of Hydrus over divers and ROVs.
  • Hydrus case study: Exploring shipwrecks Dive into a real-world case study showcasing Hydrus in action.
  • Cost analysis of site investigation See the cost savings made by selecting Hydrus in the case study.

Meet Hydrus, the autonomous underwater drone revolutionising underwater data collection by eliminating the barriers to its entry. Designed to make subsea operations simple, affordable and accessible, Hydrus ensures that even users with limited resources can execute precise and regular subsea missions to meet their data requirements.

  • Onboard AI features includes obstacle detection for collision avoidance and object identification for targeted data capture.
  • Revolutionizing Underwater Data CaptureCompact and lightweight, measuring 484 x 264 x 216 mm and weighing only 6.7 kg, Hydrus is designed for easy transport and single-person operation.
  • Acoustic navigation and communications are reliable with the use of a Subsonus acoustic positioning system, a GNSS compass and an integrated inertial navigation system.
  • Mission planning software allows for precise task programming and stores georeferenced data from previous missions, facilitating easy site revisits and mission repetition.
  • 4K 60FPS camera provides high-quality imagery, essential for creating detailed 3D photogrammetry models of underwater sites.

Read the full article, or visit Advanced Navigation’s website to find out more.

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