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Boreas D90 Strategic-grade digital FOG GNSS-INS
Boreas D90

Strategic-grade digital FOG GNSS-INS

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Boreas D90

The Boreas D90 is a strategic-grade GNSS-INS that combines Advanced Navigation’s new ground-breaking DFOG (Digital Fiber Optic Gyroscope) technology with a dual antenna RTK GNSS receiver to deliver position, velocity and orientation data with superior accuracy and reliability. With ultra-fast gyrocompassing capabilities, the system can determine heading to 0.01 degrees secant latitude without the need for magnetic heading or GPS.

Housed in an IP67-rated precision aluminium enclosure, the unit has been designed and tested to MIL-spec standards and is ideal for the most demanding offshore and marine survey applications.

Dimensions 160 x 140 x 115.5 mm
Weight 2.8kg
Power Consumption 12W
Roll & Pitch Accuracy 0.005°
Heading Accuracy 0.01° secant latitude (without GNSS)
0.006° (Dual GNSS, 1m separation)
Position Accuracy 0.5m horizontal, 0.8m vertical (SBAS)
0.01m horizontal, 0.015m vertical (RTK/PPK)
Gyroscope Bias Instability 0.001°/hr
Update Rate 1000 Hz