Cutting-Edge Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) for Marine & Underwater Professionals

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Cutting-Edge Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) for Marine & Underwater Professionals
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Oceanbotics is a leading developer of innovative underwater robotic systems for marine and underwater professionals. Our cutting-edge ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) are designed with ease of use and precision control foremost in mind, and are the number one choice for a wide range of commercial, scientific and government customers around the world.

ROVs for Marine and Underwater Professionals


Professional ROV with eight dynamic vectored thrusters

professional underwater droneThe SRV-8 is a professional underwater ROV designed to serve a wide variety of applications from inspection and survey to scientific research. The highly versatile robotic vehicle is powered by eight thrusters with a dynamic vector control system that enables intuitive operation and precise maneuverability even in challenging ocean currents.

Rated to depths of 305 meters (1000 ft), the SRV-8 features an onboard camera with both a real-time analog feed for the operator and an HD 1080p digital feed for on-site viewing or recording. It can also be easily equipped with other payloads and accessories including manipulators, imaging sonars, USBLs and laser scalers.

More information: SRV-8 Professional ROV

SRV-8X Optimus

Larger ROV platform for more challenging missions

large ROV platformThe SRV-8X Optimus is a larger and more powerful version of our SRV-8 platform, designed for more challenging missions and capable of operating down to 500 meters. It provides 2.5 times the thrust, enabling it to withstand even stronger currents, and also allows even more payloads, sensors and manipulator arms to be integrated.

A 250m tether is provided as standard, and a fiber optic option is available for operating at depths of greater than 300m.

More information: SRV-8X Optimus large ROV platform


Special-purpose ROV for EOD and mine countermeasures

ROV for EOD mine countermeasuresThe SRV-8X MDV is a special-purpose ROV designed specifically to detect and dispose of mines and other underwater explosive threats without putting personnel in harm’s way. Featuring cutting-edge sonar tracking and imaging technology, it uses a charge disruptor and connected shock tube to detonate targets remotely at a safe distance.

The ROV is also capable of tracking underwater acoustic targets such as emergency beacons and sonar transponders, and can perform covert navigation by following specialized transponders. It has been deployed by NATO and is ideal for both commercial and naval EOD teams.

More information: SRV-8X MDV ROV for EOD & mine countermeasures


Underwater detection of black boxes and acoustic beacons

Underwater ROV for sonar detectionThe SRV-8X ATS is designed to provide efficient detection and location of underwater acoustic beacons and transponders, including those attached to commercial aircraft black boxes. Able to dive down to 500 meters (1640 ft), it can detect audio signals from 8 to 45 kHz.

The special-purpose ROV features HD video and imaging sonar capabilities to ensure real-time situational awareness and maximum visibility, as well as manipulator arms that can aid in recovery of assets. The state-of-the-art system is ideal for civilian search and rescue teams as well as defense applications.

More information: SRV-8X ATS special-purpose ROV


Software for ROV mission planning, recording & analysis

SubNAV is a software package for use with Oceanbotics ROVs that provides a comprehensive suite of features for mission planning, recording, playback and analysis. The intuitive interface allows users to plot waypoints, log events, stream and record HD video, and synchronize mission data with the video timeline.

SubNAV ROV mission planning software


Infrastructure Inspection ROVs

Infrastructure Inspection
Our ROVs are ideal for regular inspection, maintenance and repair of infrastructure such as bridges, reservoirs, dams, and pipelines, ensuring that small issues can be dealt with before they become big problems.

maneuverable ROV for search and recovery

First Responders & SAR
Oceanbotics’ rapidly-deployable and highly maneuverable ROVs provide a critical capability for first responders and search and rescue teams, with the ability to operate under challenging underwater conditions and get results when time is of the essence.

offshore rov

Offshore & Energy
The proven SRV-8 and SRV-8X ROV platforms provide a number of essential capabilities for offshore energy and oil and gas professionals, including site surveys, pipeline inspection, underwater repairs and more.

Scientific Research ROVs

Scientific Research
Our versatile ROVs can be equipped with a wide variety of precision sensors and instrumentation, making them an ideal platform for ecological studies, wildlife monitoring, geological and environmental survey, water sampling and more.

aquaculture ROV

The SRV-8 is an excellent choice for commercial aquaculture and fishery operators, providing a highly efficient tool for routine tasks such as net and mooring inspection, invasive species identification, stock health monitoring, and mort retrieval.

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