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The Effect of Robotic Hull Cleaners on Vessel Fuel Consumption

The latest whitepaper from Greensea IQ shares details of the positive impacts that its EverClean service has on the powering efficiency and fuel consumption of two cruise vessels Feature Article by Greensea IQ
The Effect of Robotic Hull Cleaners on Vessel Fuel Consumption
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Greensea IQ has shared a whitepaper diving into the significant effect its EverClean hull cleaning service had on two cruise vessels with regard to fuel consumption and powering efficiency. Read more >>

Greensea IQ is a leading force in marine robotics software and integrated solutions. In “Powering and Fuel Consumption Impact of EverClean Service on Two Vessels”, the company presents detailed data outlining the many benefits of proactive hull cleaning.

The full study shines a spotlight on the impressive reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and increase in fuel savings achieved through regular use of EverClean robots.

The key findings from Vessel 1 show that, over 90 days, it cut CO2 emissions by 256 metric tons and saved approximately 80 metric tons of fuel, as well as seeing a 2.5% reduction in powering requirements.

Vessel 2 found that after seven months of cleaning, CO2 emissions were reduced by 1,024 metric tons and 320 metric tons of fuel were saved. There was also a 20% improvement in vessel powering performance.

Rob Howard, Chief Growth Officer at Greensea IQ, commented; “We are excited to share these findings, which underscore the efficiency and environmental benefits of our EverClean service.

“As the only fielded service available to address this problem, our always clean approach to hull maintenance has cleaned over 308,000 sq meters of hull surface since launching the service. This not only enhances vessel performance but also contributes significantly to sustainability efforts in the maritime industry.”

Read the full article, or visit the Greensea IQ website to find out more.

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