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Compact and Rugged CTD Sensors for AUVs

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Compact and Rugged CTD Sensors for AUVs
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NBOSI is a leading developer of compact and rugged CTD (conductivity, temperature and depth) sensors. Our products are ideal for a wide range of marine platforms, including AUVs and ROVs, crewed and uncrewed surface vessels, and underwater gliders.

Our Sensing Technology

Our state-of-the-art sensors are based around a four-electrode conductivity cell design that features an integrated pressure-resistant thermistor and self-referencing electronics. Unlike traditional two-electrode cell designs, they do not require noisy and power-hungry pumps. They also differ from inductive cell technologies, featuring the ability to be mounted anywhere on the vehicle exterior without compromising either data quality or hydrodynamic efficiency.

CTDs for AUVs

CTD sensors for AUVs

All sensors are fully potted and tested, and can withstand pressures of over 6000 dbar. We can customize our products to meet specific requirements, and regularly provide enhanced versions that can operate at up to 6750 dbar (9800 psi).

slocum giderOur products have been proven under real-world ocean conditions on a wide range of leading platforms, including:

  • HII REMUS 100, 300 & 600 UUVs
  • L3/OceanServer Iver2 AUV
  • Liquid Robotics Wave Glider USV
  • Teledyne Webb Research Slocum Glider
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Sentry AUV

Model 501 CTD

Rugged miniature CTD sensor

Rugged miniature CTD sensorThe Model 501 provides real-time research-quality CTD data as well as salinity, speed of sound and density. Housed in a compact and rugged enclosure, it can be easily integrated into a wide range of platforms via a number of modular bulkhead connector options. We can also provide the Model 501 with a custom through-hull penetrator specifically engineered for your particular application.

More information: Model 501 Rugged miniature CTD sensor

Model 503 CTD

Low-profile CTD sensor for installation in flooded hull segments

Model 503 Low-profile CTD sensorProviding the same rugged high-performance capabilities as the Model 501, the Model 503 CTD sensor features a low-profile two-piece cylindrical design that allows it to be installed within a flooded hull segment. The shroud can be modified to match a range of hull diameters.

The Model 503’s cable can be provided with a user-defined connector, one of a range of bulkhead connector options, or a custom through-hull penetrator specifically engineered for your particular application.

More information: Model 503 Low-profile CTD sensor

100 Series CT

Conductivity & temperature sensors in a variety of form factors

Conductivity & temperature sensorsThe 100 Series of CT sensors provides mobile marine platforms with a research-quality temperature and salinity measurement capability. Consisting of an externally-mounted CT cell and an internally-mounted precision electronics PCB, the sensors are available in three different form factors – rectangular with sloped or blunt ends, and cylindrical. All sensors include a cable that can be provided with a user-specified modular connector.

More information: 100 Series Conductivity & Temperature Sensors

Calibration Services

temperature and salinity sensor calibration servicesWe provide professional and cost-effective expert temperature and salinity calibration services that ensure that your sensors remain at peak performance, with a rapid turnaround for minimal downtime. In addition, we also offer pressure validation testing and sensor calibration up to 10,000 psi (6895 dbar).

To find out more about how we can help keep your sensors operating at their maximum capabilities, please get in touch.

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