Compact and Rugged CTD Sensors for AUVs
Model 501 CTD Rugged miniature CTD sensor
Model 501 CTD

Rugged miniature CTD sensor

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Model 501 CTD

NBOSI’s Model 501 sensor provides research-quality CTD (conductivity, temperature and depth) data in real time, as well as salinity, speed of sound and density. Data can be output at up to 10 Hz via standard serial RS-232.

Housed in a compact and rugged enclosure and fully potted, it can be easily integrated into a wide range of platforms, including AUVs, ROVs and USVs, via a number of modular bulkhead connector options. NBOSI can also provide the Model 501 with a custom through-hull penetrator specifically engineered for your particular application.


Dimensions (L x W x H) 5.4 x 1.159 x 1.55”
137.2 x 29.4 x 39.4 mm
Weight Approx 220g in air
Approx 140g in water
Power 4.5 – 28 VDC
12 mA / 60 mW @ 5V
13 mA / 156 mW @ 12V
Max Depth 6750 dbar (9800 psi)
Temperature Standard Range 0°C to 30°C
Extended Range -5°C to 60°C
Initial Accuracy 0.002°C
Resolution 0.0001°C
Conductivity Standard Range 0 to 60 mS/cm
Initial Accuracy 0.005 mS/cm
Resolution 0.0001 mS/cm
Pressure Sensor: Keller PA 7LD
Available Ranges 30 to 10,000 dbar
Initial Accuracy 0.15% of full-scale
Overpressure 4x pressure range