Marine Vehicle Management Technologies: Marine Autopilots, Remote Control Systems, and Simulation Solutions

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Marine Vehicle Management Technologies: Marine Autopilots, Remote Control Systems, and Simulation Solutions
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Dynautics is a pioneering developer of marine autopilots and associated technologies that enable precise and reliable control of uncrewed surface and sub-surface vessels. With over two decades of experience in vehicle control algorithm development and marine electronics, we provide solutions that enhance the abilities of unmanned and autonomous vessels to new levels.

Our vehicle management technologies have enabled thousands of miles of successful deployment and navigation for maritime and marine platforms working in oceanography, shipping, offshore energy, defence and security, and more. We are co-authors of the Marine Autonomous Surface Ships – UK Code of Practice and are key architects in defining the path towards ubiquitous marine vehicle autonomy.

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Marine Autopilots

Our industry-leading marine autopilot and remote control systems can be integrated into almost any surface or subsurface vessel, providing enhanced efficiency and lower operating costs for a wide range of applications including surveillance, mine countermeasures (MCM), data collection, transport, and marine target drones.SPECTRE Autopilot for surface vessels

Dynautics marine autopilots are ideal for implementing full uncrewed capabilities or for partial assistance that reduces operator fatigue and allows crews to focus on the mission.

Target platforms include:

  • Custom and new vessel designs
  • Patrol boats for security and ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance)
  • Subsurface vehicles including UUVs, AUVs & ROVs
  • RHIBs and small vessels
  • Electrically-powered vessels

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Marine Vessel Simulators

We provide hardware and software simulation solutions that allow developers of USVs and UUVs to undertake a wide range of tests in the lab, reducing both the time and the costs of development cycles. Our marine simulator tools are based on sophisticated mathematical models and allow you to develop the most efficient hull and propulsion configurations according to mission requirements and conditions.

Marine Vessel Simulators

Dynautics’ solution is the world’s only off-the-shelf marine simulator that supports the ISO11674, ISO16329 and IEC62065 standards for heading and track control systems.

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Communication Systems for Uncrewed Vessels

We have developed a variety of communications solutions specifically tailored towards the needs of USV telemetry and control, covering all ranges:

  • Short-range: 2.4GHz and 800MHz modems for short-range and low-latency command and control
  • Intermediate: our SPECTRE Secure Serial Communications Protocol (SSSCP) is ideal for diagnostics and remote configuration at distances of up to 20nm line of sight
  • Over-the-Horizon: our Iridium RUDICS-based SATCOM solution enables bidirectional communications with assets located anywhere in the world

Uncrewed Vessel Communications Systems

Power Management Systems

Our power management systems for UUVs and USVs allow you to remotely manage and control multiple onboard channels, limiting power consumption for non-essential tasks and routing it where it is most needed at any given time.

Power management modules can also isolate faulty subsystems to protect the rest of the vehicle, and monitor solar charging to ensure that photovoltaic panels are efficiently utilised for maximum endurance.

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Phantom AUV

Phantom modular AUVWe have developed a highly modular and scalable AUV that can be fully customized to suit any underwater mission. Based on our SPECTRE underwater autopilot, the Phantom AUV features advanced dynamic positioning technology for precise station-keeping, and can be equipped with a wide range of payloads.

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