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Charles River Analytics is a pioneer in autonomy technologies, leveraging our 40-year history in advanced AI/ML R&D to develop today’s leading-edge products and prototypes. Our work is supported by partners, end users, and distinguished sponsors through countless government technology development programs.

Awarion®: An AI Autonomous Lookout System

Awarion® is an advanced AI-powered autonomous lookout system designed to enhance marine situational awareness. Using electro-optical and infrared video technology, Awarion detects, analyzes, and reports on the presence of whales, ships, fishing buoys, sailboats, and other objects, providing critical awareness in various maritime applications.

Equipping your vessel with Awarion supports crewmembers in accordance with International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations by addressing the topside limitations of radar- and acoustic-based systems, detecting a variety of hazards and obstacles including marine mammals and other vessels.

Awarion represents a groundbreaking innovation in maritime situational awareness, offering benefits for windfarm developers, the cargo shipping industry, and marine mammal protection groups. Its integration of AI and computer vision technology sets a new standard for detecting and responding to marine obstacles, ensuring safety, compliance, and conservation across the maritime sector.

Enhanced sensing for situational awareness

maritime situational awareness software solutionAwarion applies sophisticated AI-powered algorithms to electro-optical (EO) and infrared (IR) video to deliver intelligent object detection and classification. These smart capabilities allow the system to mimic the behavior of human watchkeepers by continually scanning the environment and dynamically tracking targets of interest.

AI situational awareness solution

AI-powered situational awareness software

High-accuracy detection performance

Awarion provides 24/7 detection even in challenging and low-visibility conditions such as fog and rain, reducing cognitive burden and operator fatigue among vessel crews.

The system has undergone rigorous testing under a range of difficult real-world conditions and achieves excellent performance metrics with targets at ranges of up to 3km.

Awarion autonomous lookout system

Flexible configuration options

Awarion EO/IR camerasAwarion can be provided as a standalone software solution that integrates with your existing onboard cameras, or as an integrated package bundled with our smart cameras. Data can be sent over standard ethernet connections or via satellite communications to remote command centers.

Awarion EO/IR cameras feature state-of-the-art imaging sensors. Cameras mounted in fixed positions can also be networked together to provide a 360-degree operating picture.


Vessel & Hazard DetectionVessel & Hazard Detection

Awarion is ideal for providing superior situational awareness and hazard detection for vessels operating in a wide variety of commercial industries, including offshore wind energy, shipping, and recreational boating.

Awarion Marine mammal detectionMarine Mammal Conservation

Awarion can detect events that radar and hydrophones cannot, such as whale blow, surfacing, and quiet movement. Armed with Awarion’s advanced collision-avoidance notification system, vessels are notified in time to avoid deadly collisions. The system’s ability to identify and classify marine mammals in real-time supports conservation efforts by providing accurate data on their presence and movements. This information is crucial for developing and implementing strategies to mitigate human impact on marine life.

The Awarion team collaborates with marine mammal experts to ensure that Awarion’s capabilities are continually refined to meet the needs of conservationists, making it a valuable asset in protecting vulnerable marine species. (ECO Magazine)

Windfarm developmentWindfarm Development

Awarion can be a key player when constructing, operating, and maintaining offshore wind projects. Adding Awarion to crew and equipment transport vessels mitigates environmental impact and compliance risks by offering real-time object classification and threat assessment. Awarion supports Protected Species Observers (PSOs) in their efforts to detect and protect marine life.

Deployment in projects like Vineyard Wind 1, the nation’s first commercial-scale offshore wind project, (demonstrates Awarion’s effectiveness in supporting marine mammal protection and regulatory compliance, ultimately contributing to sustainable offshore wind energy development (Charles River Analytics and Vineyard Wind).

collision avoidance and maritime safetyShipping Industry

For shipping companies, Awarion provides an essential tool for collision-avoidance and maritime safety. The system enhances the detection of other vessels, fishing gear, and obstacles that radar might miss, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring smoother navigation.

Awarion’s ability to detect objects several kilometers away allows for timely evasive maneuvers, safeguarding cargo, crew, and vessels. Its integration into existing marine radar systems offers a comprehensive solution for enhanced situational awareness, contributing to safer and more efficient shipping operations.


Marine Testing & Prototype Development Services

Marine Systems

We operate a state-of-the-art Marine Systems Test Facility on Block Island Sound in Wakefield, Rhode Island, providing year-round access to littoral testing waters. From this location, we offer a variety of services for both government and commercial clients, including assembly, testing, evaluation, and maintenance of surface and subsurface vessels.

Marine systems testing

Marine Testing & Development

We also offer cutting-edge research and development of hardware prototypes, backed by a full engineering team with extensive experience in marine, naval, and maritime applications. Our facilities also include in-house technicians and tooling, enabling rapid development and testing cycles.

Our expertise includes:

  • UUV and USV communication, navigation, and control systems
  • Ruggedized and waterproof electronic and mechanical systems
  • Depth-rated and pressure-tolerant housings
  • Underwater vehicle electrical and mechanical systems
  • UUV launch and recovery vessels and devices
  • Sensor and scientific testing rigs

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