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Data Collection Systems Integration and Sea Trials

SubCtech has released an article delving into a case study of the processes behind integrating their data collection systems into maritime vessels and testing them at sea Feature Article by SubCtech
Data Collection Systems Integration and Sea Trials
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SubCtech develops a range of surface monitoring systems for ocean data collection, from ultra-compact systems to complete rack systems, and varying from data gathering at the ocean-atmosphere interface to monitoring and exploring the sea. Read more >>

When SubCtech completes a system and delivers it to the clients, the company enjoys the installation and testing of their OceanPack technologies at their final location – at sea.

In the full article, SubCtech’s OceanPack RACE, along with their Microplastic sampler, has been commissioned for French skipper Fabrice Amedeo’s IMOCA yacht.

The company outlines how their job is to ensure that the data collection process goes as smoothly as possible so that the skipper can concentrate exclusively on sailing, starting with finding an effective place where the systems are accessible when needed and securely fixed to the vessel.

SubCtech goes on to discuss the technical specifics of installing the technology and conducting sea trials.

Read the full article, or find out more on SubCtech’s website.

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