Marine Data Collection Along the UK Coast

RS Aqua have partnered up with GB Row challenge 2024 to collect environmental data, helping to discover marine species distribution and behaviors along the UK coast Feature Article by Sophie Lockett
Marine data collection along the UK coast
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RS Aqua, a supplier of innovative sensors, platforms and systems to enable scientific research, have partnered with a 2000-mile rowing event around the UK coastline. Read more >>

The competitors will be facing extreme and challenging conditions while navigating the UK coastline. RS Aqua have fully equipped the boats to collect crucial ocean data on temperature, biodiversity, noise pollution and microplastics as they make their way around the UK. 

To accurately record underwater noises, they have integrated a highly sensitive GTI hydrophone onto the rudder of each boat which connects to a Porpoise OB1 mounted inside the boat. Working in unison, this technology will collect vital acoustic data to help them understand marine species’ distribution and behavior along the UK coastline.

They also equipped the boats with temperature sensors that will record widely available truth set data which is otherwise not captured, allowing them to gauge temperature trends and the effect of the climate on our coastal waters year on year.

Read the full article, or visit the RS Aqua website to find out more.

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