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OceanPack™ RACK 19" rack format water monitoring system
OceanPack™ RACK

19" rack format water monitoring system

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OceanPack™ RACK

The OceanPack RACK is an autonomous marine monitoring system with a FerryBox-style design in a 19″ rack format. Designed for unattended operations, it can be installed in a wide variety of vessels.

The highly versatile system can be integrated with almost any oceanographic sensors and equipment, including pCO2, SST, SSS and algae sensors, as well as other devices such as nutrient analyzers, water samplers, weather stations and GPS receivers. Automatic cleaning mechanisms can also be installed.

Up to 30 serial devices can be connected simultaneously, and this can be expanded via an optional RS485 bus. The system features a built-in NetDI data logger, and records to SD cards. Data can also be retrieved via USB.