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OceanPack™ CUBE Compact and portable ocean monitoring system
OceanPack™ CUBE

Compact and portable ocean monitoring system

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OceanPack™ CUBE

The OceanPack CUBE is a portable and compact FerryBox-style ocean monitoring system with a standard 19″ form factor, designed to be installed and left unattended on a range of vessels for scientific and environmental observation. Water can be supplied via internal or external pump, providing options for installation above or below the waterline.

The integrated 7″ touchscreen allows user-friendly control of the system and at-a-glance access to data. The highly versatile and expandable platform allows up to 8 sensors or other serial devices to be connected, and data is recorded by the built-in NetDI data logger onto SD cards and retrieved via USB. Optional automatic cleaning capabilities can also be fitted.

The OceanPack CUBE comes with a robust flight case for safe and convenient transport.