Coastal and Ocean Carbon Sequestration and Monitoring Webinar

Webinar Details
  • Hosted by Ocean Enterprise
  • 20240529 , 17:00 (UTC)

    Join industry experts in a discussion about the state of the marketplace, delving into opportunities for industry growth and a Q&A session for Phase 1 Awardees.

    This webinar will focus on Carbon Sequestration and Monitoring, and is the latest in the NOAA’s Ocean-based Climate Resilience Accelerator Webinar Series.

    There is increasing interest in enhanced natural and engineered sequestration of carbon in the coasts and oceans. To support climate resilience as these initiatives move from pilot to large operational scale, there will be a need for ocean observation and information services that monitor their effectiveness and environmental impact and verify and monitor the quantities of carbon they remove.

    This effort should not support the development of carbon sequestration technologies themselves but rather the tools and information services that can measure the effectiveness and monitor the impacts of their deployment.

    Key Discussion Points:

    • State of the Marketplace
    • Opportunities for Industry Growth
    • Q&A Session for Phase 1 Awardees

    Speakers include:

    • Dr. Carlos Muñoz-Royo — Co-Founder and CEO, Atdepth MRV.
    • Dr. Simon Freeman — ARPA-E Director, Department of Energy.
    • Dr. Greg Frost — Special Advisor for Carbon Dioxide Removal and Solar Radiation Modification, NOAA.
    • Sophie Chu — Principal Oceanographer & Director of MRV, Captura.
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