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High-Performance Instruments, Sensors & Technologies for Exploring & Monitoring Subsea Environments

Teledyne Marine
High-Performance Instruments, Sensors & Technologies for Exploring & Monitoring Subsea Environments
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Teledyne Marine is a leading group of developers of high-performance instruments, sensors and technologies for exploring and monitoring virtually every aspect of the subsea environment. Providing cutting-edge COTS products as well as customized turnkey solutions, we supply customers around the world in every sector of the industry, including defense, oceanography, environmental science, offshore energy and more.

Subsea Imaging Solutions

Hydrophones & TransducersHydrophones & Transducers

We offer a wide range of hydrophones with frequency options up to 800 kHz and a variety of depth ratings, as well as acoustic transducers for specific applications. If our COTS products do not fit your specific requirements, we can also work with you to develop a custom solution.

RESON multibeam echosoundersSingle-Beam & Multibeam Sonars

We provide a full range of shallow and deep water sonar systems that can be easily fitted to surface vessels and subsea vehicles, including forward-looking sonars, single- and multibeam echosounders, profiling and scanning sonars, and sub-bottom profilers.

Underwater Cameras & LightsCameras & Lighting

The Bowtech line of underwater vision systems includes navigation, inspection and tooling cameras, ultra-bright LED lights, laser pointers for divers, and emergency xenon strobelights, as well as a range of accessories.

monitoring solutions for dredging constructionDredging & Construction

We develop complete turnkey solutions for dredging, construction, hydraulic engineering and offshore companies, based around our versatile Teledyne PDS monitoring software and incorporating advanced hardware such as inclination sensors, angle and multiturn sensors, attitude sensors, multibeam and single-beam sonars, and laser scanners.

Hydrographic Software

Hydrographic SoftwareThe Teledyne PDS software suite provides real-time data acquisition from sensors used in operations such as hydrographic survey and dredging, and performs analysis, charting of results, and logging as well as quality control. The software runs on standard Windows PCs and is available in different versions tailored to specific use cases.

Connectors, Cables & Assemblies

Electrical Connectors & PenetratorsConnectors & Penetrators

Our range of high-reliability interconnect solutions enables power, data and signals transmission in harsh marine and subsea environments. Options include submersible and wet-mate connectors, fiber optic and electro-optical connectors, electrical and optical penetrators, and high-power systems.

Cable, Wiring & Assemblies

We create application-specific cabling solutions and wiring harnesses that can survive extreme temperatures, rough handling, corrosive fluids, mechanical stress and a variety of other harsh environmental conditions. We can combine almost any functional element under a single cable jacket and terminate nearly any connector, providing rugged solutions for any marine or subsea work site.

Cable, Wire, and Assembliescable assemblies

Subsea & Surface Instruments

navigation & acoustic positioning systemsNavigation & Positioning

Our portfolio of acoustic positioning systems, Doppler velocity logs, dynamic motion sensors and inertial navigation systems provides precise positioning in surface, shallow and deep-water environments, with options to suit a range of budget, size and performance requirements.

Subsea Pipe & Cable Detection SystemsPipe & Cable Detection Systems

The HydroPACT family of detection systems sets the standard for subsea pipe and cable tracking solutions as well as UXO detection, providing excellent reliability and accuracy with options for fitting to trenchers, large work-class ROVs, and smaller observation-class ROVs.

Underwater Acoustic ModemsAcoustic Communication

Teledyne Benthos underwater acoustic modems and transponders are ideal for subsea wireless data transmission between assets and the surface or from asset to asset, and significantly reduce the cost, complexity, and risk associated with traditional underwater cables an​d connectors.

Benthos Acoustic ReleasesAcoustic Recovery

Teledyne Benthos acoustic releases provide an extremely safe and reliable solution for the deployment and recovery of up to 25 tons of critical subsea instruments and equipment in shallow, mid-depth and deep water environments. All units can be controlled from a universal topside unit that provides operators with a range of system capabilities and diagnostic information.

Acoustic Doppler Current ProfilersAcoustic Doppler Current Profilers

Teledyne RD Instruments​ manufactures a range of ADCP solutions that can handle river discharge measurement, shallow water and deep-sea current profiling, and wave measurement, as well as tethered hydrologic boats for deploying instrumentation in challenging flow conditions.

Underway Profiling SystemsUnderway Profiling Systems

The rapidCAST automated sound velocity profiling system does away with the need to stop research vessels in order to take measurements, minimizing downtime and improving efficiency and operating costs. The system also minimizes uncertainty in bathymetric data caused by challenging sound velocity conditions in the environment.

Uncrewed Surface & Underwater Vehicles

Teledyne Gavia modular AUVsAutonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs)

Teledyne Gavia’s modular AUVs feature depth rating options down to 6000 metres, and can be rapidly reconfigured with field-swappable sensors such as acoustic sonars, side-scan sonars, multibeam and sub-bottom profilers, and high-resolution cameras.

Oceanscience usv for hydrographic surveyingUncrewed Surface Vehicles (USVs)

Oceanscience uncrewed Z-Boats are designed specifically for hydrographic surveying applications, providing a convenient platform for data gathering in hard-to-access areas and challenging environments. They can be equipped with a wide range of payloads including ADCPs, water quality monitoring instruments, echosounders, GPS receivers and radio modems.

observation and inspection-class ROVsRemotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)

Teledyne SeaBotix observation and inspection-class ROVs are compact and lightweight with the ability to operate in strong currents. The vehicles are highly modular, allowing all major components to be easily installed and removed, and can carry a wide variety of sensors, manipulators and payloads.

Slocum autonomous underwater glidersAutonomous Underwater Gliders

Slocum autonomous gliders are long-range vehicles that can study and characterize subsea coastal waters, using variable buoyancy to move both horizontally and vertically in a sawtooth profile. They can be networked together in fleets, and can operate for weeks at a time, autonomously surfacing to transmit data.

APEX Current Profiling FloatsProfiling Floats

Teledyne Webb Research APEX profiling floats provide a cost-effective solution for autonomous sampling and observation of the water column for oceanographic research, with solutions available for depths down to 6000m.

Offshore Seismic Solutions

seismic source synchronizing equipmentControllers & Synchronizers

Teledyne RTS seismic source synchronizing equipment is designed for small to large (2-128) air gun arrays for projects such as transition zones, VSPs and boreholes. The systems can be delivered in a rugged waterproof portable case, or ready to mount on a standard rack.

Streamer Cables

streamer cables

Our towed streamer arrays for commercial and defense geophysical applications can be customized to need your specific requirements and matched to the recording system of your choice. The scalable systems feature industry-leading proprietary buoyancy filler as well as custom-built auxiliary components.

Seismic Electrical InterconnectSeismic Electrical Interconnects

We provide specially-designed connectors, electrical cables and terminations for high-shock applications such as seismic surveys, also featuring waterproofing to withstand harsh marine environments.

seismic energy sourcesSeismic Sound Sources

Our energy sources for exploration and production seismology include air guns for virtually any application, such as shallow water hydrocarbon exploration, deep basin hydrocarbon exploration, and deep-crustal seismology studies.

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