Cutting-Edge Low-SWaP Fiber Optic Gyroscopes (FOG) & FOG IMUs for Precision Motion & Orientation Measurement
VG191A Thumb-sized open-loop gyro with analog output

Thumb-sized open-loop gyro with analog output

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The VG191A is an ultra-miniature single-axis fiber optic gyroscope that provides high-performance angular rate measurement in an extremely compact and lightweight package. Measuring just 24 mm in diameter, the cylindrical FOG sensor features instant startup, low power draw and a 15-year lifetime.

The IP67-rated sensor provides an analogue output, and is available with either robust aluminium alloy or magnetically-shielded μ-metal housing options. It is ideal for small and space-constrained marine vessels and submersibles.

Dimensions (diameter x height mm) 24 x 40
Weight (gram) 30 (40 for shielded)
Power (W) 0.5
Input Range (°/s) 250
Bias RMS (°/h) 1
ARW (°/√h) 0.015
Bandwidth (kHz) 1
Magnetic Response (°/h/Gauss) 4 (0.1 for shielded)
Vibration (g, RMS) 18
Shock Resistance (g) 750
Operating Temperatures (°C) -40 to +70
MTBF (years) 15
Housing Aluminium or μ-metal