Cutting-Edge Low-SWaP Fiber Optic Gyroscopes (FOG) & FOG IMUs for Precision Motion & Orientation Measurement
U183 Low-noise inertial measurement unit with 0.03°/√h ARW

Low-noise inertial measurement unit with 0.03°/√h ARW

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The U183D is a FOG-based inertial measurement unit (IMU) combining three axes of Fizoptika's smallest fiber optic gyroscopes with three axes of MEMS accelerometers. With a compact cylindrical form factor of 46 x 111mm and a power consumption of only 2W, the IMU incorporates a fully-integrated three-channel ADC board with serial RS422 output.

The low-noise IMU is available with an aluminium or magnetically-shielded μ-metal housing, and is ideal for marine vessels, USVs and ROVs, as well as for integration into higher order systems such as inertial navigation systems (INS).

Dimensions (mm) dia 46 x 111
Weight (grams) 200/300 (shielded)
Power (W) 2W
Gyro Input Range (°/s) 300
Gyro Bias RMS (°/h) 1
Gyro ARW (°/√h) 0.03
Magnetic response (°/h/Gauss) 3/0.1 (shielded)
Acc. Range (g) 10
Acc. Bias Stability (mg) 0.2
Acc. Bandwidth (Hz) 250
Data rate (kHz) 0.1 - 4
Baud rate (kBd) 115.2 – 1843.2
Vibration (g, RMS) 6
Shock Resistance (g) 350
Operating Temperature (°C) -40 - +70
Housing Al alloy / μ-metal